90’s Beijing Fantasy 我的青春也燦爛 Episode 4 Plot

After school, Chen Jun also threw the valve core of Li Lili’s bicycle. The bicycle was out of breath and couldn’t ride at all. Female classmate Zhang Jing was very kind and took Li Lili to a nearby car repair booth. While waiting for the master to repair the car, Zhang Jing wondered why Li Lili and Wang Bo usually go home together, and why she is alone today. Li Lili said that Wang Bo had gone to the Mathematical Olympiad class. Although Wang Bo was there, she would be able to get these things done soon, but she couldn’t always rely on Wang Bo. Zhang Jing gave a card to Li Lili, the fairy Xiaobei, on which he found the seven-color flower representing happiness and happiness, and gave it to her as a lucky charm.

Zhang Jing still has a lot of cards like this, and she invites Li Lili to come home. Li Lili saw the star Leslie Cheung’s poster on the wall of Zhang Jing’s room, and was very happy to chat with Zhang Jing. The two chatted happily and the friendship began. After returning home, Li Lili excitedly told her mother what she had seen and heard at her classmate’s home. My mother hesitated to ask Li Lili how she was in Xisi. She mentioned that the army was recruiting paratroopers. She could also go directly to the Airborne Academy and want her to try.

Li Lili thinks that her mother does not believe that she can be admitted to a good university in Xisi, and her mother repeatedly denies it. Li Lili saw information about the recruitment of paratroopers and paratroopers academy on the table and knew that her mother had lied. In West Fourth, Li Lili felt a sense of powerlessness. Fortunately, she had made a good friend Zhang Jing, and of course Wang Bo was also with her. In the school, Li Lili found that Zhao Lei was not doing sanitation, and Wang Bo was helping her with sanitation, so she was so angry that she ran to find Zhao Lei. At this time, Zhao Lei and Chen Jun were in the classroom.

Chen Jun helped Zhao Lei get the school uniforms for No. 4 Middle School, and they set off excitedly. When Li Lili came to the classroom, Zhao Lei and Chen Jun were no longer in sight, but she saw Zhao Lei’s desk drawers stuffed with school uniforms from No. 4 Middle School, and she knew something was about to happen, so she hurried out. In the Fourth Middle School, the principal brought the inspectors and the students lined up to welcome. As a result, Zhao Lei and Chen Jun, who were dressed in the uniforms of No. 4 Middle School, rioted. Li Lili rushed to prevent the chaos. The principal of No. 4 Middle School was so angry that he called West No. 4 Middle School and asked them to take the people back.

Zhao Lei thought that the school was determined to expel him this time, and said in front of the principal that he had nothing to do with Li Lili and assumed all the responsibility. Unexpectedly, the principal did not punish Zhao Lei, thinking that Zhao Lei was out of anger because of the fact that the No. 4 Middle School closed the road to West No. 4 School. In fact, the principal has always been dissatisfied with the principal of the Fourth Middle School. Zhao Lei finally breathed a sigh of relief for him, but Zhao Lei wanted to use this plan to be expelled. In the class, the teaching director asked Li Lili to write down the notebooks of the students doing bad things. Li Lili was scolded by her classmates as a traitor and the books were torn and thrown into the trash. Li Lili was particularly wronged and found Zhao Lei and scolded him.

Li Lili just wanted to study hard in West Fourth, there was nothing wrong with it, but because Zhao Lei instructed others to Bullying her behind, causing her to be called a traitor. Zhao Lei reprimanded Chen Jun and others for this, and he had long reminded Chen Jun not to be too much with Li Lili, but he turned his words on deaf ears. Back at the army compound, Li Lili asked Wang Bo how she went to take the paratrooper test. She felt very cool and could go directly to the Airborne Academy in the future. Wang Bo was a little surprised, but there are two types of paratroopers he knows, one is elite soldiers on mission, and the other is deserter when the plane is shot down. I asked Li Lili what kind of paratrooper he wanted to be.

Of course the Li Lili he knew was impossible. It is a deserter. The next day, Li Lili threw a pair of gloves on Zhao Lei’s table, and at the same time announced to the students that she would not leave despite any tricks. As soon as Wang Bo walked into the classroom, he heard Li Lili’s words and smiled with relief. Back in 2017, Nick asked Chen Jun about his father, but Chen Jun has been sloppy with him. Nick knew in his mother’s diary that his mother and father were lovers in high school and were still together in college. Chen Jun said that if Nick knocked him down today, he would tell his father who he was. Nick desperately wanted to know who his father was. He picked up the bottle of white wine and drank it. He just took a sip and got down. Chen Jun was so questioned by Nick that he had no choice but to call Wang Bo for help.

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