90’s Beijing Fantasy 我的青春也燦爛 Episode 3 Plot

Nick returned to Beijing and asked about Xiaokui from the aunt at the fruit stand. Auntie knew there were two Xiaokui, and asked which Xiaokui he was looking for, Nick was stunned. According to the address, Nick wanted to go over the wall and enter the army compound, but was stopped by a man. This man is Chen Jun, Li Lili’s high school classmate. Chen Jun misunderstood Nick as a thief and wanted to take him to the guard room. Nick is not convinced, grandma is not at home, how can he be considered a thief if he stepped over the wall and entered the house.

Chen Jun thought that Li Qingqing’s family was a girl, so this person was Li Lili’s son. Grandma and grandpa went to Xinjiang for a trip. Chen Jun led Nick to his home so that he could simply live in his own home. The wall in Chen Jun’s home is covered with photos from his time as a student, and he also introduces him to Nick. Nick wondered why he didn’t see his mother Li Lili. Chen Jun smiled and pointed to the girl with only the back of the head and said that this was Li Lili.

Back in 1990, when the class took a group photo, Chen Jun deliberately adjusted Li Lili. When Li Lili turned around, the photographer pressed the shutter, so there was only one back of his head. Zhao Lei blamed Li Lili for messing up his stubborn dance competition, and caused his breakdancing equipment to be burned by his mother. He asked Li Lili to return the money to him. Li Lili didn’t bother to care about him. In class, Mr. Jin, the head teacher and mathematics teacher, handed out test papers. Except for Li Lili and Wang Bo who had high scores, they failed. Zhao Lei handed in a blank paper. The blank paper did not even write his name.

During class, the classmates were either talking loudly or eating, and even throwing paper airplanes at will. Li Lili was so affected that she couldn’t study. She couldn’t bear it anymore, so she found the director of the Academic Affairs Office to apply for a shift. The dean of the Academic Affairs Office spoke very nicely, knowing that Li Lili wanted to study hard. However, a class like Class Two requires good students like Li Lili to lead in order to help the teacher and ensure that the naughty students do not get out of the basket.

The director of the Academic Affairs Office is also complaining that the Asian Games is coming soon, and the above is frequent inspections. It is imperative to maintain the image of the school. The dean of academic affairs promised that Li Lili would not let her stay in the second class forever, but she is now appointed by Teacher Jin as the class monitor, so she should take the lead in improving the sanitation at the school entrance, and be optimistic about the troublemakers and destroy the bad performance.

The numerator is recorded in the notebook and then handed over to the Academic Affairs Office. The students were forced to practice hygiene and complained again and again. In order to teach Li Lili, Zhao Lei and Chen Jun deliberately spilled rubbish all over the floor and then left. Li Lili had no choice but to clean up by herself, and Wang Bo helped Li Lili clean together especially warmly. This scene happened to be seen by the principal. He looked at the students who were in charge of scanning that area on the blackboard. He misunderstood Zhao Lei and Li Lili and nodded in praise. Next day, on During the inspection, the principal asked the reporter to take a few more photos to promote West Fourth Middle School.

Reporter Sun felt that there was no news in the school building, and suggested that the principal recommend an excellent student to take a photo. The principal remembered the two students who saw the cleaning late last night, and happened to see Zhao Lei who was coming to school, and called him to take a picture. Soon, the photo of Zhao Lei and the principal appeared in the newspaper and became a celebrity. Neighbors in the neighborhood praised them, and parents were even more relieved.

Zhao Lei was at a loss. He didn’t know what was going on until he read the newspaper, but he found it ironic when he saw outstanding students. Chen Jun joked that Zhao Lei would soon become a good third-class student. Zhao Lei was made so he didn’t want to go to school, so he thought of a plan that would kill two birds with one stone.

Let them see him committing the crime, not to mention expelling him, or even directly. Was included in the blacklist of Xicheng District. In the school, Chen Jun deliberately bullied Li Lili, causing people to pour the food on Li Lili. Li Lili was particularly wronged. At the critical moment, Wang Bo appeared, took Li Lili away, and asked Li Lili to change into his shirt. In the class, Wang Bo angrily denounced Chen Jun and them too much. Zhao Lei asked Wang Bo to protect Li Lili like this, what is their relationship. 90’s Beijing Fantasy 我的青春也燦爛 Episode 3 Recap

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