90’s Beijing Fantasy 我的青春也燦爛 Episode 2 Plot

Wang Bo was blamed by his father for failing to do well in the exam. He did not explain why he failed the exam. He said that he did not do well in the exam. His father gave him two options. One is to repeat the exam and the other is to join the army. Li Lili gave her father a study plan. Speaking of what her father once said, the greatest battle is the miracle of winning more with less, saying that she is going to create miracles. Even if the West Fourth is bad, she can be admitted to Tsinghua University, father.

Very happy, praised her for being Li Hongjun’s daughter, and asked her to drink another glass of liquor. Wang Bo came to say goodbye to her in the middle of the night, saying that he could not play with her during the summer vacation, and waited until the summer vacation. Li Lili wanted to go with him. He said that it was not convenient to take her where he went. He also gave it to her father and friend to bring her back from Germany. Chocolate, and asked her to tell her that she had never seen him if her parents came to ask.

Sure enough, Wang Bo’s mother came to Li Lili’s house to find Wang Bo, and asked her mother if she saw Wang Bo, and said that she hadn’t seen him when she came back in the morning. Seeing Wang Bo’s mother in a hurry, Li Lili hurried out and rode a bicycle to look for Wang Bo. Zhao Lei’s mother chased Zhao Lei in her dyeing shop, because the old lady Zhang saw him break dancing outside the examination room, she warned Zhao Lei to stay away from break dancing, Zhao Lei refused to refute her, and she was so angry that she picked up what she was holding. The vase was about to be thrown at Zhao Lei, and Zhao Lei ran out quickly.

Zhao Lei’s father came back, and Zhao Lei’s mother complained to him, saying that Zhao Lei knew about the dance all day long and didn’t even take the entrance examination. But Zhao Lei’s father said that he had been taking care of the alpacas in the garden for a day. Zhao Lei went to dance practice with his friends, which showed that Tianzhu Dance himself would be able to wipe out the black skin and the others. Just as he focused on practicing, Li Lili drove over and ran into it without stopping the brakes.

As a result, Zhao Lei injured his neck. The hospital. Zhao Lei was put on a fixed plaster on his neck. Li Lili and her mother came over to apologize to him. Zhao Lei’s mother did not complain too much about Li Lili’s mother and daughter. Zhao Lei was in a hurry to go to the stubble dance appointment with Hei Pi and they were rude to Li Lili. After coming out of the ward, Li Lili accused Zhao Lei of being too ignorant, but Li Lili saw Wang Bo hurrying out of a ward, where a girl was taking care of a patient.

When Zhao Lei saw his mother being called away by the doctor, he hurriedly pulled out his backpack and came to the spot where he was scheduled to dance. Heipi laughed and said that he didn’t want to dance with the disabled. Zhao Lei immediately jumped up, but he did not expect to jump because of a neck injury. The place was not clean and was affected, and the dance ended in failure. Back at home, his mother blocked the door, Zhao Lei had to hand over his stubble dance equipment, watching her mother burned the stubble dance equipment, Zhao Lei wept sadly.

The school day arrived in a blink of an eye, and Li Lili’s good mood after getting up was disturbed by the chaotic state of school when she first arrived. Now, the chaotic campus order in the West Fourth School is indeed a false story. Needless to say, the learning atmosphere is that there are all kinds of students, and Zhao Lei is also impressive. Li Lili waited in the classroom, but she unexpectedly announced that the class had been disbanded after the teacher arrived.

She was drawn to the first and second high school, and the second class was not in the teaching building, but a bungalow on the corner outside. When Li Lili came to the classroom, she didn’t expect to see Wang Bo. Wang Bo told her that she did not pass the exam. Li Lili was surprised how she could be the same as herself. The whole class was frantic, and there was no atmosphere for learning. At this moment, Zhao Lei walked in with a basketball. Everyone entered the same class, but their moods were very different.

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