90’s Beijing Fantasy 我的青春也燦爛 Episode 1 Plot

His Chinese teenagers always don’t cooperate well with his teammates, and his teammates dislike him. The coach criticized Nick and informed him that he could not participate in a father-son league because he is a single-parent family and lives with his mother. Although his personal skills are very good, he must have his father’s participation before he can participate. He appealed to the head of the school and was told that this was not discriminating against him. He also pointed out that he has a bad record of hurting others.

In addition, his mother also complained about the teacher’s language violence, and this was a reporting contest to the school manager. The school finally proposed to find a fake father. Nick thought this was an insult, and asked angrily whether the other party’s father was also a fake. Nick decided to return to China. On the way back to China, Nick flipped through the diary of his mother Li Lisha and immersed himself in memories. June 17, 1990 was the time for the senior high school entrance examination.

Li Lili, who has always been a school leader, thought it was a proud day in her life, but she did not expect to become a lingering regret in her heart. That morning, Lili happily got up and prepared to eat breakfast to take the exam. She discovered that her elder sister had ate the buns her mother specially prepared for her. Lili’s elder sister was a sophomore at the Academy of Fine Arts. Her elder sister disliked Lili’s clothes like a peace dove. Not suitable for taking the exam. Lili retorted that her sister was a low-scoring art student and was not qualified to judge herself.

She had passed single-digit math scores. Lili always lost everything, almost forgot her schoolbag when she went out, and her mother cheered for Lili before she went out. Wang Bo is Lili’s primary school and also a top student in the school. The two walked side by side, full of confidence, and rushed to the examination room in a majestic march, passing by Aunt Liu who set up a stall, Aunt Liu threw it to them early, buy The earlier master gave an opinion, and if they were dissatisfied with the purchase, there was no need to line up.

Aunt Liu praised the two as champions, so she gave them preferential treatment and didn’t have to line up to buy breakfast. On the way, the two were still reviewing their homework, and they also had a contest, and they decided each other through test questions. The high school entrance examination started as scheduled. Lily suddenly wanted to go to the toilet. After going to the toilet, she could not return to the examination room because she was looking for something during her menstrual period.

Wang Bo saw Li Lili hurriedly passing by the examination room. He realized that Li Lili might have to fail the test, so he suddenly had the idea of ​​giving up his life to accompany the gentleman, so he decided to abandon the high school entrance examination as well and erase all the essay questions that had already been written. A classmate was breaking dancing outside the examination room. Li Lili tore off the banner cheering for the high school entrance examination to cover up her body.

After Li Lili returned home, her mother comforted Li Lili. It is normal to encounter her menstrual period. My mother sighed with emotion for Li Lili’s three-year expectation, and with the end of the high school entrance examination, a hanging heart finally fell to the ground. Although one subject failed to pass the exam, my mother asked Li Lili if she was 70% sure to get into the key high school four Otherwise, Li Lili’s father would not agree. The high school entrance examination results finally came out, and Li Lili hurried to see the school where she was admitted. As a result, she became the only candidate admitted to the West Fourth Middle School of the school. Her ears were filled with the relentless cynicism of her classmates.

She quietly tore off her name from the list. When Lili returned home, she wrote in her diary that she did not want her family to be disappointed. Lili’s father is commanding a rehearsal in the military art troupe. He is very serious about his work, and he is still rehearsing even before the performance. Hearing that her daughter Lili lost the mood even after she failed the exam, the rehearsal ended hastily. Lili’s father went home and sang a tragic song. Lili’s mother was so upset that he stopped and told him not to let him get angry with Lili.

The old comrades who served as political commissars helped Lilith recruited to the Fourth Middle School of Good School. Lili’s father expressed his reluctance to pull his face to beg. Lily snatched the wine glass in her father’s hand and drank it all, and drank all the liquor in her father’s hand. Announced loudly that he would not repeat his studies and decided to go to West Fourth Middle School.

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