Pudong 大浦东 Episode 27 Recap

At the suggestion of Child, He Weiping ran away. Xie Tianyang was unable to contact the other party. He was so anxious that he sent an assistant to ask who He Weiping had met before disappearing. Zhao Haiying came to He Weiping’s office, and found that someone was empty. At this time, the most urgent person should be Mayi, and their northern group has handed over the 21 million down payment to Shanghai Iron and Steel Company. Zhao Haiying was guilty after learning that the Northern Group had paid for Yiyi and Jinkong. All this was his fault, because he himself got the Northern Group into the storm. Ma Yi was well-meaning and did not blame Zhao Haiying, but took responsibility on himself. Mr. Ma’s attitude made Zhao Haiying even more blame. He stated firmly that he must do his best to recover all the losses of the Northern Group.

Regarding He Weiping’s disappearance and Topu Zhitong’s sudden withdrawal of capital, Xie Tianyang asked angrily if Chard was the ghost he was making behind. But Chard said that they were all victims, and Xie Tianyang should thank He Weiping for running away. In this case, his legal responsibility was his own. Xie Tianyang asked Chard to help himself with the 3 million he invested in, so that he could really help himself, otherwise Hans International would be finished, but how could the cunning Chard agree, outraged, Xie Tianyang told the other party Their partnership ends here.

Li Mayi was blamed on the company’s board of directors by Zhao Lianzhu. Zhao Haiying came here to help Mr. Ma solve his problem. Despite everyone’s doubts, Zhao Haiying asked everyone to give him 5 minutes to make a statement, and everyone finally relaxed his attitude. Zhao Haiying talked eloquently. He emphasized that as long as Northern Group and Shanghai Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. are united, the prospects and future of this market are very worth looking forward to. After listening to Ma Yi, he stood up with great excitement. The Northern Group called it a blessing because of disaster. Without the sudden withdrawal of Yihe Jinkong, they would not have been able to get such a big cake. In the end, the board of directors approved Zhao Haiying’s proposal and Northern Group agreed to continue to perform the contract.

Zhao Haiying helped the Northern Group to reverse the situation. President Han praised Zhao Haiying’s ability and hoped that he would go to Yongkang, but Zhao Haiying did not intend to do so, and he had his own goal. Zhao Haiying suggested that Yongkang should expand the pharmaceutical industry, not just stick to the Chinese medicine market. To this end, he suggested to Chen Menglei that the introduction of a good biotechnology team is the most effective way. This idea coincides with Chen Menglei.

Xie Dong, after understanding his son’s plight, ignored the regulations and leaked inside information about the stock to his son. Xie Tianyang ate a lot of insider stocks, causing abnormal fluctuations in the stock price. Eventually, the Eastwind incident happened. Xie Dong was detained by the public security organs and under investigation. Later, Xie Tianyang also accepted an inquiry from the procuratorate and was sentenced to prison.

The reconstruction project of Ouyangyu Old Street was successfully completed. Qian Chunsheng introduced Zhao Guoping who came to inspect. Watching the big change in Yangli Old Street, Zhao Guoping was impressed and praised that Qian Chunsheng was very capable, and his construction company brand was launched.

Because of his outstanding work performance, Wu Yibai was awarded an excellent financial journalist in Shanghai. At the same time, he was promoted to become the deputy editor-in-chief of Dongfang Economic Daily. Qian Qingqing came to the daily to contact with the work. She took all these into her eyes and admired Wu Yibai very much.

Qian Qiansheng’s business was flourishing, and he undertook another big project. However, Zhao Haiying has experienced many ups and downs in recent years, and seems to have become an idler, but he has been thinking about the path he has traveled, and will not give up lightly. Qian Chunsheng thanked Zhao Haiying for his unpaid support at the beginning. This is what he has today. He took out three million yuan as the starting capital and let Zhao Haiying start from scratch.

The rapid rise of Shanghai has led everyone to question whether Shanghai will replace Hong Kong as a financial center. To this end, Zhao Guoping was interviewed by reporters. Zhao Guoping said with confidence that the rise of Shanghai is the need for the rapid development of the Chinese economy. In the future, There are bound to be countless regional trade centers like Shanghai. Shanghai will not replace the development of Hong Kong. The two are the two wings of China’s economic development.

On the return of Hong Kong in 1997, the neighbours of Yangli Old Street gathered to celebrate in the government’s resettlement house, toasting to the motherland’s prosperity. Fireworks on the beach are brilliant, and everyone takes to the streets to welcome this historic moment. Zhao Haiying has weathered the storm and finally founded his own company. Ma Yi couldn’t wait to visit Zhao Haiying’s company and brought him two gifts. The first was his commission and remuneration from the Northern Group. The second was that he had resigned from the Northern Group and wanted to join Zhao Haiying’s company . Zhao Haiying refused to accept the first gift. He felt that he had caused losses to the Northern Group and was ashamed. As for the second gift, Zhao Haiying felt that Mayi’s decision was too hasty. After all, the Northern Group is currently developing so fast that it is a pity to leave at this time.

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