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Wedding in Room 888

Wedding in Room 888
Other names: 888号房的婚礼
Author: Green kite
Genre: Other Novel
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


Male: Game software engineer + ill-tempered young master Sven
Female: Traffic Brigade policewoman + butler’s aunt’s beautiful daughter from Chabeibei
Incident: He was in a coma when he was travelling on a self-service train bombing and was unconscious.
She was a childhood sweetheart. Happy for him and held a wedding with him in Ward No. 888…

She chose to marry him not to repay him, in fact, because she has secretly liked him for many years.
Although she loved him, yelled at him, and disliked him since childhood, she was the most supportive of him. , Protect him. When she knew that he might not wake up, who was obedient to her, her heart was about to break.

Fortunately , she was lucky to wake him up just after getting married, so that they could start dating after marriage, and he lost his memory. Everything is okay, she can work hard to create new memories with him, but she did not expect that the one she knew was only “version one”, and now he is slowly showing his domineering and possessive nature, and he can also talk sweetly, which will tease her most. Not to mention his wife, her charm is so strong that she is too jealous , but she doesn’t want him to become a fanatic, he will be her exclusive “Big Ren”…


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