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The Return of the Demon King: Leng Ao Gui Emperor Domineering Love

The Return of the Demon King: Leng Ao Gui Emperor Domineering Love
Other names: 妖皇归来:冷傲鬼帝霸道爱
Author: Evil in Poetry
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Release: 2018
Status: 274


In her previous life, she was a great villain in the Three Realms, but died of infatuation. After a thousand years, she was reborn as a human, but she did not expect to become a weak chicken.

Stupid│cute and cute, unlucky enough, you can encounter collective corpses during the night shift.
Although he was rescued by Gao Leng Mei Nan, he never expected this to be the beginning of the giant pit.
Yi Xibai said that he was very tired when he got married, fought hard against ghosts, was calculated, and would die young at any time.

Hugging Husband Gao Leng’s thigh tightly, “Dear, there are bad people, I’m so afraid.”
Di Mingshang helped her forehead. Isn’t she the worst villain, but the next second she straightened her face and protected her shortcomings extremely.” Grab it and go to eighteen hells!”


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