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Master! Mr. is absent from class again today

Master! Mr. is absent from class again today
Other names: 教主!先生今天又旷课了[综武侠]
Author: Boiled Books in Warm Water
Genre: slash colleagues
Release: 2018
Status: Ongoing


The author took a driver’s license test on the 8th, and he was practicing
driving crazy for the past two days. If I pass the next day, I will come back. If I don’t come back for a few days, I will accept all kinds of extra orders during the qwq period. In addition to driving, hey .

Jiangyun Tower is an inexplicably more teacher on the Blackwood Cliff.
It’s just this teacher who often doesn’t come to teach.
Eastern leader: “Yingying, why don’t you go to school today?”
Ren Yingying said: “Our husband has taken sick leave again.” The
leader raised his eyebrows, “Again?”
“Mister coughed up blood on that guqin yesterday. I’m really scared. he is about to barely …… Oriental uncle, can not be called geniuses Mr. dude “?
leader pounded his desk:”! Superchain doctor “


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