Love at First Hate Episode 26 End Plot

After Laurie, Crowe and Gbagbo became more affectionate. Gbagbo discussed the children’s room with Crowe. Crowe was very shy, but she still peeked at the pictures of the children’s room with Gbagbo behind her back. That day, when Crowe returned to Napa’s house, she saw that Napa was not in the living room. She looked at the room and saw various pictures of Napa in the bookcase. She felt that Napa was so lonely. When Napa came back, Crowe took the initiative to hold her hand. Napa blamed her for taking care of Crowe in her own way, and nearly made Crowe miss her happiness with Gbagbo. Crowe is very happy, she doesn’t care about it anymore. Napa took Cloo’s hand tightly.

Crowe asked if Laurie had been here recently. Napa said Laurie’s father kept apologizing to him. Crowe said graciously that no one in the crew is talking to Laurie, and she has received the punishment she deserves. She doesn’t care anymore. Napa was very pleased. Just when Crowe was about to leave, Napa stopped her and asked her to call Gbagbo when she came next time. Crowe was overjoyed in disbelief, she threw into Napa’s arms excitedly.

Zhuzhu ridiculed Laurie in the crew, and no one like her who even murdered her sister dared to contact her. Laurie was speechless, she saw the crew looked at her disgustingly. Laurie betrayed her relatives and left. She wanted to find Dawan, but was told that Dawan had resigned.

Unin sincerely told Gbagbo that he watched the video of the press conference and he knew that Gbagbo really loves Crowe. Woon felt relieved, and sincerely wished Crowe and Gbagbo happiness.

Laurie came to the temple where Dawan had been together, because Dawan once said that it is very spiritual, if you really pray for someone to see someone, it will come true. Laurie prayed sincerely, and Dawan appeared, and Laurie was overjoyed. Laurie asked Dawan whether she would accept a scheming girl, Dawan’s hand was placed on Laurie’s hand. The two expressed their hearts to each other, and finally Laurie’s head lightly leaned against Dawan’s shoulder.

After the broadcast of Crowe’s play, the response was very good, and reporters interviewed Crowe. They asked about Crowe shooting the cover of the magazine, because the cover photo had a swimsuit, they asked Gbagbo if he would care. Crowe returned home and talked to Gbagbo about taking pictures. Gbagbo nervously said that he would be Crowe’s agent, and he was worried that Crowe would take swimsuit photos. Crowe couldn’t laugh or cry at Gbagbo’s nervousness.

The day of the Gbagbo exam happened to be the day when Clos took the cover photo. Gbagbo finished the exam early and hurried to the shooting scene. Seeing a group of people surrounding and blocking Chloe with a baffle, Gbagbo nervously thought Chloe was changing his swimsuit behind the baffle. Gbagbo eagerly pulled the crowd away and removed the baffle, only to see that Cloe was neatly dressed. The crowd burst into laughter, and Gbagbo knew he was being teased. Crowe couldn’t help but laugh when he saw Gbagbo nervously, Gbagbo hugged Crowe and kissed him in public…

The end

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