Love at First Hate Episode 25 Plot

Laurie sent an intercepted video to Klobbbo’s press conference to express affectionately

Gbagbo went to look for Crowe, and when he got to the shooting scene of Crowe, he saw photos of himself hung everywhere in the trees, and the banners printed with the words Happy Birthday. The staff at the scene were packing up the things on the scene. Gbagbo asked the staff Klow where they had all gone. The staff told him that everyone had gone. Gbagbo is strange.

At this time, Crowe and Chunsa were in Gaote’s consulting room. Gaote watched the video that Laurie had sent to Crowe. Crowe was angry and angry at seeing these videos, and she asked Gott what he thought of it. Gott said he wanted to say, Gbagbo did tell him about Laurie’s temptation to him, and he reminded Gbagbo to stay away from Laurie. He didn’t expect that Gbagbo would do things he shouldn’t do with Laurie. . Crowe was heartbroken.

At this moment Laurie called Clo, if she wanted to watch the second half of the video, she would come to the rooftop to find herself. Crowe was furious and wanted to go to Laurie to confront him. Gott persuaded her to contact Gbagbo to listen to his explanation. Crowe was so sad that he didn’t want to see Gbagbo again.

Dawan suddenly received a call from his boss Jim, informing him to attend a press conference about Crowe in the afternoon. Dawan was surprised. Soon Zhuzhu also received a call from the press conference, and she was totally confused. Dawan thought it might be what Laurie was going to do, so he invited Napa to persuade Laurie. However, Napa said that Gbagbo behaved misbehaving, and she was moved by Sister Crowe, Laurie, who supported Laurie to develop the cloth and expose Gbagbo. Dawan was speechless.

The reporters flocked to the press conference, and Laurie sat on the podium and said triumphantly that Crowe would not come and the press conference would be held by himself. Just as Crowe suddenly came to the scene to stop Laurie, Laurie proudly took out his mobile phone and said that he had evidence that Crowe and Gbagbo were fake marriages. After speaking, she took out the video recorded on her phone. The video showed that Laurie secretly recorded Napa talking to Woon, and Napa told Woon about Crowe’s fake marriage. Napa didn’t expect Laurie to announce the truth, she angrily scolded Laurie. Laurie was desperate to achieve his goal. The reporters were all in an uproar.

At this moment Gbagbo appeared suddenly, saying that he had indeed deceived the public. Gbagbo began to tell how he met Crowe because of his room card exchange. He said sincerely that he had only wanted to contact Crowe, but during the contact he gradually discovered the beauty and beauty of Crowe. He said that he slowly fell in love with Crowe, and Gbagbo said that while watching Crowe affectionately. Not only reporters but Napa was moved in the audience. But Laurie was struggling to say that Crowe deceived everyone after all.

Gbagbo saw that Laurie was still not giving up, so he took out the camera and said that he had sent the second half of the video to Laurie. If Laurie didn’t want to let him publish the video, stop making trouble. Laurie relentlessly opened the phone video, the video is the part where Gbagbo refused Laurie to reprimand Laurie. Laurie left in embarrassment after watching. Laurie’s actions let all reporters know that this video is the truth. They became more curious about the video, but Gbagbo still gave Laurie the last bit of face. Crowe also didn’t want to watch the video. Laurie’s escape and Gbagbo’s confession had made Crowe completely believe in Gbagbo, and she took the initiative to jump into Gbagbo’s arms. The reporters blessed, Napa also blushed.

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