Love at First Hate Episode 24 Plot

Crowe scolded Laurie to please Gbagbo physically, which made her look down. Laurie said frankly that Gbagbo did not treat himself as rubbish as Crow said. Crowe was so angry that she took out the cotton from the pillow when she heard Laurie’s words. Laurie was allergic to cotton, and she backed away in fright at the dancing cotton. Crowe warned Laurie again not to provoke Gbagbo, or she would make Laurie no place in the entertainment industry.

At night in Cloe’s room, Gbagbo looked at Cloe with a smile. Gbagbo leaned closer to Clo and said with a smile that he liked watching Cloo turn from a kitten to a tigress because he was jealous. Gbagbo solemnly tells Crowe that even if she doesn’t trust Laurie, she should believe in herself. He treats Laurie just because he thinks Laurie is Crowe’s family. Gbagbo puts Crowe in his arms, and the two men are sweet and sweet. Laurie eavesdropped outside the door, and she was disappointed that she did not hear the two quarreling.

Laurie is dating Dawan, Laurie asks Dawan whether men like him or Crowe. Dawan didn’t know how to express it. He implicitly said that he liked Laurie more. Laurie said confidently that she felt more feminine than Crowe, and she was the type that men liked.

Cloe returned home in the evening and told Gbagbo that someone had asked her to replace her, so she had to go out and spend the night outside. She said she didn’t like to spend the night outside Gbagbo and immediately said that she could go with her. Crowe said with joy that she would surprise Gbagbo at that time. Gbagbo’s appetite was lifted, he wanted to know what the surprise was.

Cloe was filming outside, and Gbagbo called and said he was packing his luggage, and soon went to her to see her results. Crowe thought Gbagbo knew what he wanted to surprise him. At this time at Crowe’s house, Laurie was rummaging in the room, Dawan called Laurie to ask her to go out with her. Laurie refused to go out with the excuse of her headache, and then she deliberately pretended to fall and yelled.

Gbagbo heard the sound and ran out quickly, and he saw Laurie fall down on the stairs. Gbagbo quickly picked up Laurie and drove her back to the room. Laurie stroked Gbagbo’s face to lure Gbagbo. Gbagbo seemed uncontrollable, and he approached Laurie. Just when Laurie thought he had succeeded in seducing Gbagbo, Gbagbo suddenly walked to the desk and picked up the camera that was hidden by the book. Gbagbo exposes Laurie’s conspiracy and says to delete the video. Laurie chases Gbagbo and asks her to return the camera to herself.

When Laurie chased out of the room, Dawan stood at the door and stared at Laurie angrily. Laurie was flustered for a while, and Dawan angrily accused Laurie of seduce her brother-in-law in order to retaliate against Crowe. He said that Crowe had never thought of targeting Laurie. From the beginning to the end, Laurie wanted to count Crowe because of jealousy. Dawan said sadly that he was too disappointed with Laurie and he wanted to break up with Laurie. Dawan left angrily, and Laurie wept bitterly. Laurie went back to the room and turned on the phone. She saw that the camera video on the phone was still there. Laurie smiled triumphantly.

Woon visits Napa, and Napa doesn’t understand why Woon has to give up pursuing Chloe. Woon said that he could see that Chloe and Gbagbo truly love each other, and he did not want to destroy them. Napa said eagerly that Crowe and Gbagbo were a fake marriage, and she must find a way to prove to Woon. Laurie was hiding at the door of the room not far away, and she heard Napa’s words.

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