Love at First Hate Episode 23 Plot

Gbagbo and Woon fought each other, and the two went to the side to settle in private. Crowe looked worriedly in the direction where the two had left, not knowing what they were going to talk about. At this time, Woon said to Gbagbo confidently that Napa would like to take care of Chloe himself. He knew that Chloe didn’t love Gbagbo at all and they would separate sooner or later. Gbagbo sneered.

Unwanted watching the show recorded by Klow. At this time, Napa called Woon and asked him when he had time. Woon found out various excuses. Napa wondered why Uhn lost his enthusiasm.

Zhuzhu watched the ratings of Gbagbo and Crowe’s reality show. She was overjoyed and said that Gbagbo is simply Crowe’s lucky star. Crowe’s reputation is getting bigger and bigger, and more and more announcements have been received. Zhuzhu felt a lot of money rushing towards her face, and she laughed from ear to ear, not even noticing Laurie’s face crooked.

Gbagbo watched a scene that Crowe made with the male lead, and he smiled and watched the performance. In the evening, Gbagbo asked Crowe to perform the daytime scene again. Crowe thought that Gbagbo disliked his bad performance, but he did not know that Gbagbo used Crowe’s lines to express his feelings for Crowe.

Laurie prepared custom clothes for Crowe, but Crowe looked at the clothes. Laurie was puzzled, and Crowe said politely, she was looking for a poisonous needle in her clothes. Laurie hurried to clarify that he did not do well in the past, but they are sisters after all, and she will not harm Crowe. Crowe no longer believed in Laurie easily. She said that if Laurie really wanted to convince herself that she would move out of her own house, stop staring at herself like a spy. When Crowe returned to the room, Gbagbo asked Crowe if he really didn’t believe Laurie. Crowe said with lingering fear that Laurie would not believe her easily in the way he treated herself in the past.

The next day, Crowe told Chunsa about Laurie. She asked Chunsa if Gbagbo felt her heart is cruel. Chunsa asked inexplicably that Gbagbo is usually a person who is not forgiving. Will he be softened because the opponent is Laurie. Chunsa felt that it was impossible again when he said this, but Kroe felt uneasy. At this moment, Gbagbo also told Gault about Laurie. Gault asked Gbagbo not to let Crowe misunderstand that he was good to Laurie, and he should find a way to get Laurie to move out.

When Gbagbo returned home, Laurie greeted him enthusiastically and said that he would ask Gbagbo how to save the elderly in the script, and Gbagbo kept a distance from Laurie. Laurie deliberately approached Gbagbo and even actively approached him and embraced him. At this moment, Crowe came back suddenly, she pulled Laurie and Gbagbo away, and sternly asked Laurie what he was doing.

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