Love at First Hate Episode 22 Plot

Gbagbo and Crowe have a good night Napa asks Woon to take care of Crowe

Gbagbo looked at the condom prepared by Crowe and didn’t want to restrain anymore. He kissed Crowe affectionately, and the two could not help spending the night together. The next day, Klow prepared clothes for Gbagbo with peach blossoms and affectionately. Just like an ordinary wife, Gbagbo happily enjoyed everything Klow had done for him.

When Crowe and Gbagbo returned home after recording the show, their sweet and affectionate looks fell in Laurie’s eyes. Laurie immediately called Mina to ask if she was on the show, Mina smiled and thanked Laurie. She said that she took this opportunity to clarify the relationship with Gbagbo, and because of her arrival, Crowe also revealed her true love to Gbagbo. Mina said that Crowe’s true feelings moved her very much, and she would like to thank Laurie for having such a great idea. Laurie had the feeling of lifting a rock and hitting her own foot, and she was furious.

At night Gbagbo wanted to sleep with Crowe, Crowe made an excuse to let him read a book. But when Gbagbo really went to another room to read, Crowe was lost again, she was used to Gbagbo’s embrace. When Crowe tossed and turned, Gbagbo took the initiative to go to bed and hugged Crowe, this time Crowe did not push Gbagbo away.

Laurie told Napa distressedly that she had caused a lot of trouble for Gbagbo and Crowe, but they resolved it every time. Napa thought for a while and said that he might have to do it himself. Napa went to the Gbagbo consultation room the next day. Napa didn’t want to pay attention to Napa, who had a mean tone, but he thought that Crowe had asked him to tolerate Napa. Gbagbo talked to Napa and listened to her. Napa also didn’t want to go in circles. She directly said that she didn’t want everyone to misunderstand the relationship between Crowe and Gbagbo, so she hoped that Gbagbo would leave Crowe. He could drink and do all kinds of mischief to make Crowe hate him for leaving him. Gbagbo couldn’t believe it. He didn’t expect Napati’s request. He vetoed it without hesitation. Napa said angrily, then she would let Woon take care of Klo.

Gbagbo distressedly told Gault about Napa’s seeing him. Gault didn’t expect Napati’s request. At this time, Crowe had just finished work and was about to wait for Gbagbo to pick him up home. Woon walked towards Crowe with a smile. Woon smiled triumphantly and said that Napa let himself take care of Klow, and Gbagbo will not come back. Cloe declined Unin to take him home, and Unin could not help pulling up Cloe. Crowe struggled, and Gbagbo grabbed Crowe’s other hand. That’s it, Woon and Gbagbo grabbed Crowe’s hand.

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