Love at First Hate Episode 21 Plot

Gbagbo was a little surprised to see Mina. Mina said that someone contacted him and asked herself to come over. She watched this show as a charity show, so she came. Crowe’s expression was embarrassing, she pretended to be calm. Soon, the director and a group of crew members gathered around Gbagbo and Mina to leave, leaving Crowe alone in the woods.

The director told Gbagbo and Crowe that he wanted to use the topic of his ex-girlfriend to play again. Mina frowned. She felt that this would not affect Crowe, and she wanted to explain to Crowe that Gbagbo stopped Mina. The director team interviewed Gbagbo and Mina, and they talked about their good time in college. Mina even brought Gbagbo with fried insects that he used to not taste good. The two laughed and beaten in front of the camera, and Mina also fed Gbagbo to eat. Cloe hid from the side and watched Gbagbo and Mina’s performance secretly, she couldn’t bear to watch anymore and sneaked to the side to call Chunsa.

Cloe told Chunsa on the phone about the situation here. She said she was heartbroken and she didn’t know why she was sad. Crowe said that during the days when Gbagbo came out to record the show with her, Gbagbo brought herself to see a lot of things she had never seen before, and gave herself a feeling that she had never seen before. She felt very happy with Gbagbo. She has never experienced it. But now that Gbagbo and Mina are intimate, she is very sad. After talking, Cloe squatted down and began to cry.

At this time, the director and Baboo Mina watched Rick Luo’s every move on the monitor, and the look of Crow crying deeply hurt Gbagbo’s heart. Mina was also very guilty, she wanted to explain to Clo, Gbagbo stopped her. Gbagbo came to Klo and told her that there were hidden cameras nearby. Klo was surprised to see the camera crew hiding in the bushes greet her. Crowe was very embarrassed by what she had just revealed, she was angry and annoyed.

Mina called Crowe aside, she sincerely apologized to Crowe, she said that she shouldn’t help Gbagbo to test Crowe in this way. Mina said that her affairs with Gbagbo belonged to the past, and she did not have that kind of relationship with Gbagbo. Mina sincerely wished Crowe and Gbagbo a good time together, and finally Mina smiled and said goodbye to Crowe.

Sending away Mina, Gbagbo stretched out his hand to Clo, who was stunned and clasped his fingers tightly with Gbagbo. The two entered the room arranged by the program group together, and Crowe was a little bit shy thinking that they would live together. In the evening, the two of them played games together after washing, and they agreed on the terms of winning or losing the game. Crowe won in the first round. She made the condition that Gbagbo could accept his mother Napa, not provoking Napa, and can bear Napa’s complaints. Although Gbagbo felt embarrassed, he agreed.

Then the two played the second round, and Crowe won again. Crowe said that she didn’t like Gbagbo’s temptation with Mina today. She didn’t like this way. She felt that Gbagbo didn’t care about her feelings. Gbagbo also felt that today’s approach was a bit too much, and he felt guilty.

Cloe returned to the room and looked unnaturally to organize his bag. Gbagbo suddenly hugged her from behind and asked what she was doing. Crowe was shocked and dropped the bag in his hand to the ground, and condoms of various brands fell to the ground. It turned out that Chunsa suggested that she buy them before she came. Crowe, who had never bought such things, secretly bought them at the drugstore like a thief. Gbagbo looked at Crowe meaningfully with the condom, and Crowe blushed in confusion.

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