Love at First Hate Episode 20 Plot

Wu En came to the film crew to find Clo, Chunsa told Wu En about Clo and Gbagbo going out to participate in TV programs. Woon was taken aback, and he hurriedly dialed Napa’s number.

Crowe and Gbagbo participated in the recording of a TV program. The purpose of this reality show is to do charity and raise money for people in need. At this time Napa questioned Gott and Chunsa, where Clo and Gbagbo had gone, they would rather die than confess. Unin fancied that if they didn’t say anything, Napa could go to the hospital leader to report Gbagbo for being famous for not paying attention to work. Gott said neither arrogantly nor arrogantly that the show Gbagbo participated in is a charity show, and if Napa destroys it, it will have a bad influence on him. Napa hesitated.

Gbagbo took a bet with Crowe to participate in the show. To disturb Gbagbo’s mind and let him lose the game, Crowe took the initiative to kiss Gbagbo, and Gbagbo was flattered and frightened. The two communicated in the event, and they understood each other more and more. In the evening, the program team asked them to set up a tent for camping. Gbagbo has a strong hands-on ability, so he set up the tent himself. At night, Crowe had to live in the same tent with Gbagbo. In the small space, Crowe put the suitcase between the two people, but Gbagbo quietly moved the box and hugged Crowe. Crowe didn’t dare to struggle hard because the show crew was outside the tent.

Napa didn’t know where Crowe was filming the show, she was restless. Laurie said it was a good thing that they went out together to make a show. Napa doesn’t think so. She feels that being in a beautiful environment will promote their feelings. Laurie proudly said that she had arranged a surprise for Gbagbo and Cloe.

At this time Crowe and Gbagbo were filming a show in the woods, and Mina suddenly appeared with a drink. Both Gbagbo and Crowe were taken aback.

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