Love at First Hate Episode 19 Plot

Cloe took the initiative to get along with Gbagbo in peace, Laurie urged Clobagbo to participate in the show

Crowe has always been very distressed not knowing what kind of feelings he has for Gbagbo, Chunsa suggested that she get along with Gbagbo peacefully to see what kind of feelings she has with Gbagbo. Cloe accepted Chunsa’s suggestion, and she returned home and took the initiative to show her kindness to Gbagbo. Gbagbo’s emotions are mixed, and Crowe asks him with concern. Gbagbo said that he was followed by many people, and they all felt that it was his exposed video for the purpose of borrowing Crowe’s popularity. Gbagbo said that he had never been misunderstood in the anger, and now he realized it. Crowe comforted Gbagbo not to worry, she gently cooked for Gbagbo. Gbagbo was flattered.

Dawan and Laurie returned to the city, when Dawan received a call from his boss, Jim, saying that the police had found the person who broke the video. Laurie panicked, she was terrified. Dawan comforted her and said that he had gone to the computer store clerk the day before, and he tried the clerk. The clerk said that he had no idea who the news broke that day. Laurie finally felt relieved when she heard this, she threw into Dawan’s arms excitedly. Dawan urged Laurie affectionately not to do such adventurous things again, he would be very worried.

Laurie carefully studied the video on the USB flash drive. She affirmed that she felt that Chloe and Gbagbo were married, and the way they got along was not a normal couple’s pattern. Dawan reminded her not to heal the scar and forget the pain, and stop thinking about any tricks. Laurie was still unconvinced. At this time, she saw a program on the TV station. The content of the program was to film celebrity couples or lovers for 24 hours. Laurie had an idea in his mind.

Cloe received Zhuzhu’s notice to let her participate in the reality show on TV. Cloe did not hesitate to express her objection. She said that if she followed the film for 24 hours, her true relationship with Gbagbo would be exposed. Gbagbo was very interested in this program, and he accepted it happily. Crowe was still opposed, and the company leaders directly ordered Crowe to take the show. Crowe was frustrated and Gbagbo triumphed.

Gbagbo and Klow went out to participate in TV programs, and the TV crew greeted them warmly.

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