All Out of Love 凉生,我们可不可以不忧伤 Episode 60 Recap

Chen Bo understands that Jiang Sheng chose Tianyou because he already knew about Tianyou’s condition. He was also worried about Jiang Sheng and Liang Sheng’s past, but Jiang Sheng also boldly expressed his love for Tian You. Liang Sheng was just his brother. Hearing these words with his own ears, Chen Bo reassured that he informed Jiang Sheng that the old lady had left Tianyou to his future daughter-in-law and gave Jiang Shengtianyou a new address. Wu Jiangsheng came to Tianyou immediately, and she was determined to face everything with Tianyou.

Mr. Chen persuaded Mr. Cheng for Tianyou. He moved out of Mr. Cheng’s past true love with Mrs. Yu Mo, and pointed out that today Tianyou is actually a copy of Mr. Cheng’s old year. He also took out Tianyou’s health and talked about it. Uncle immediately called Tianyou about the good news. Happy Tianyou registered early in the morning with Jiang Sheng and others at the marriage registration office. Lao Wang reported to Father Cheng that he suspected Liang Sheng was eroding the interests of Cheng family. Father Cheng wanted to ask Chen Bo to bring Liang Sheng back. He took care of his affection.

Lu Wenzhen came to find Liang Sheng again. He wondered that since Tianyou Jiang Sheng was already together, Father Cheng used Liang Sheng as a tool that could be used at any time. Why did Liang Sheng willingly give his life to Cheng family? He persuaded Liangsheng to join forces with his own brother to defeat Cheng’s ownership of Shifeng Group with the shares in Liangsheng’s hands. He could also be the president of Shifeng Group on behalf of Liangsheng.

But Liang Sheng is only ridiculous to ridicule Lu Wenji, but Lu Wenji doesn’t matter, because in his opinion, both brothers are ridiculous. What he wants is to keep everything in his hands as much as possible so that he can not be controlled by others, control his own life himself, and persuade Liangsheng to seriously consider his suggestions.

Wu Weiyang was hospitalized in a car accident, and Ning Xin, who received the news, arrived. After experiencing life and death, Wei Yang finally woke up, and admitted to Ning Xin that the moment he was close to death, he realized that Liang Sheng’s love could not come by anyway. Shen Yan, who has been concerned about Weiyang, also got the news and rushed to the hospital. Fortunately, this pair of Weiyang who finally woke up was a good thing.

In Ning Xinxin’s bar, Ning Xin, who had lost sight of hope, told Tianyou about his deep love and attachment to him for so many years, and said his last farewell to his love. Ning Xin and Wei Yang sisters have been exhausting their love in their entire lives, but they have been desperate for it. The painful women do not know what they have done wrong.

Jinling’s mother called Qian Zhi to encourage him to cheer on the marriage process with Jinling. Qian Zhi again mentioned marriage when having dinner with Jinling, but Jinling did not answer. Shen Yan carefully took care of Wei Yang in the hospital, watching Shen Yan Duan’s chicken soup Wei Yang remembered her past taking care of Liang Sheng, Shen Yan encouraged her that everything would pass.

Jinling Babao Xiaowu and others discussed the upcoming Jiang Sheng wedding together. Everyone felt that Liang Sheng should be notified, or who would lead Jiang Sheng to the red carpet. Wei Liangsheng came to visit Weiyang. Weiyang, who had decided to let go, planned to return to France to avoid Liangsheng after she was discharged from the hospital, but as a final request, she hoped to see Liang Sheng in a suit again.

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