All Out of Love 凉生,我们可不可以不忧伤 Episode 58 Recap

Tian En Ning Xin together prepared for the opening of Tian Sheng Yuan Resort. Tian En also pointed out that the reason why Ning Xin was so interested in this project was to erase Tian You ’s nostalgia for Jiang Sheng.

Mr. Chambers told Mr. Qian Zhicheng that he finally failed the old lady in Paris. He hated himself for mistrusting Mr. Cheng’s promise to the old lady, but in the end it was only a lie that made the old lady spend a lonely life in Paris. . Father Cheng Cheng learned from Chambers that Tianyou’s irreversible fibrosis in the lungs caused by Sanya’s falling into the water may rapidly deteriorate, and he ordered to immediately return to Tianyou from Weijiaping for treatment.

Wu Tianyou promised Jiang Sheng that he would complete the marriage contract for Liang Sheng after he went back, and would not let Father Cheng have a hard time. At this time Ning Xin knocked on the door. She came here because of the preparation of Tianshengyuan Resort. She also had the ulterior motives to bless the engaged Jiang Shengliangsheng. Jiang Sheng urged Tianyou to return immediately to avoid the Cheng family from worrying.

At night, Jiang Sheng was awakened by Tianyou’s coughing sound. In the past, I found out that Tianyou had a fever, and immediately went out to ask a doctor to come for treatment. After the doctor’s diagnosis, it was determined that Tianyou just put him up with a hanging needle when he was not convinced, and Jiang Sheng was relieved. Tianyou confided to Jiang Sheng stupidly that he was desperate to marry her, and Jiang Sheng was in tears. Jiang Sheng always stayed in front of Tianyou’s bed, accidentally dozing off, dreaming that when he woke up, Tianyou had disappeared, but when he looked up, he saw that he had cooked cold noodles for her. Liang Sheng couldn’t see Jiang Sheng always sulking everything in his heart. He would rather Jiang Sheng tell him everything, and Jiang Sheng could not wait for her and Liang Sheng to return to childhood. Be a happy sibling.

Jiang Sheng woke up only to find that it was just a dream. At this time, Ning Xin came to Jiang Sheng’s house again with his money and breakfast, and informed Tian Le that Li Le, who had returned home, would also come to the opening ceremony. When Tianyou questioned Ning Xin’s intention, Qian Zhi on the side told Jiang Sheng that he was arranged by Chambers to pick up Tianyou and marry the Shen family. Tianyou returned, and Jiang Sheng’s Liangsheng returned naturally. Wu Tianyou was uneasy about Jiang Sheng and left his bodyguard to take care of Jiang Sheng’s safety. Looking at the back of Tianyou’s departure, Jiang Sheng, who thought he could only cry for Liangsheng, realized that he would also cry and laugh with Tianyou’s mood.

On his way home, he passed through Mingyue Village. Qian Zhi turned the car around for Tianyou’s sake, because he didn’t want Tianyou to have the courage to go to the grave of the woman he loved, and Chamber chose to let it go instead of stop it. Qian Tianyou Qian didn’t realize that there was a fire in Jiang Sheng’s house until he returned to Wei Jiaping. Fortunately, Jiang Sheng was well. But Jiang Sheng’s heartache is gone, even the only home that can bring her peace. Together with the happy memories of the past, it disappears with the fire, and where is her future going?

Jiang Sheng’s home is gone, Tianyou had to take Jiang Sheng with him. The car was halfway, Qian Zhi lied that he had a problem and got out of the car and called for help, intentionally leaving Tianyou Jiang Sheng alone. Tian Youqing couldn’t help but touch Jiang Sheng’s cheek, and Jiang Sheng cried with heartache.

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