Love at First Hate Episode 18 Plot

Gbagbo became famous for the video, Dawan takes Laurie to hide from the police

Crowe was flustered because of the secret camera, and she was worried that the secret camera would leak her nude photos. Gbagbo comforted her and encouraged her. He said that Crowe was not alone in struggling with difficulties. With the comfort and company of Gbagbo, Crowe finally fell asleep.

The next day, Crowe was afraid to watch the video on the Internet. Chunsa plucked up the courage to help her watch the video. The nurses and doctors in the hospital looked at Gbagbo with complicated eyes. Gault showed him the video, and Gbagbo saw his nude photos after the bath. The nympho girls on the Internet exclaimed at Gbagbo’s good figure. At this time, Zhuzhu in the office said with a sigh of relief that Chloe had escaped. Fortunately, there were no nude photos of Chloe in the video. It turned out that Cloe accidentally threw the bath towel on the candid camera the night before and helped Cloo stop the catastrophe.

Laurie angrily blamed the clerk who repaired the computer for not making the video that he had made for himself. The clerk said unhappily that there was only so much content on the video. Laurie took back the U disk, and Dawan angrily blamed Laurie for telling her not to take the secret camera, but Laurie just wouldn’t listen. Laurie felt that he was a sneak camera with gloves on, and there should be no fingerprints on the camera. But Laurie was shocked when she thought of the computer store clerk. Laurie became more afraid as she thought about it. She pretended to be pitiful and asked Dawan to help her. She was afraid that she would be ruined. Dawan was very embarrassed, and finally he seemed to make up his mind.

The Klow video incident was finally unpredictable, but Gbagbo became famous for it. Gbagbo teased Crowe when Napa came over suddenly. Napa persuaded Klo to divorce Gbagbo on this occasion, but Klo hesitated. She said that she didn’t want to divorce as soon as she got married.

Dawan took Laurie to the countryside to pray for God. Laurie was very angry when he saw him using this unreliable method to help herself. She didn’t have the patience to spend time with Dawan. She was now more worried about how the police would not find herself. . Dawan sincerely worshipped God and prayed for blessings, saying that he would never abandon and leave Laurie no matter what. Laurie didn’t care at all about Dawan’s affectionate confession.

Crowe was in a complicated mood after going through the video. She asked Gbagbo how he felt about living in her own home. Gbagbo expressed her contentment and happiness. In the evening, the two of them were in a mixed mood thinking about things in their respective rooms.

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