Love at First Hate Episode 17 Plot

Laurie suspects that Gbagbo finds a secret camera in Clow’s room in a different bed

In the morning, Laurie accidentally saw Joey washing the sheets. What surprised her was that Joey actually washed two sheets at once. Laurie asked if Joey Gbagbo did not share the bed with Crowe, otherwise how could he have two sheets. Joey did not know how to explain.

Laurie asked Dawan for a candid camera, but Dawan didn’t know what she meant. Laurie lied that he lived in Crowe’s house and wondered if Joey would help Crowe harm him. Dawan felt that Laurie was thinking too much, but gave her the secret camera. Laurie returned to Crowe’s house and Joey was unprepared to place the candid camera under the plush toy facing Crowe’s bed.

In the evening Gbagbo and Crowe returned home. When Crowe was about to undress and take a bath, Gbagbo stepped into the bathroom first. Gbagbo showed off his figure in front of Crowe in shorts. Crowe was very shy. Gbagbo looked at her and wanted to play tricks on her. Gbagbo was going to learn and leave in a hurry the next day. Soon Laurie wrapped herself tightly around her with glasses and a hat, and then she took the U disk to the computer store and asked the clerk to help herself organize the recorded video.

Gbagbo moved the book back to put it in the room. He accidentally found a candid camera when he was clearing the table. Crowe was shocked when she saw the camera, she angrily took the camera to question Laurie. Laurie was killed and refused to admit it. Crowe was going crazy, she drove Laurie out, but Laurie bit Gbagbo back, framing Gbagbo’s candid camera. Because there was no evidence, Crowe could not identify Laurie.

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