Love at First Hate Episode 16 Plot

Gbagbo lives in the same room with Crowe and Laurie gives Woon a chance to approach Crowe

That night, Crowe had to live in the same room with Gbagbo, and Crowe guarded himself vigilantly. Crowe slept in bed at night, and Gbagbo slept under the bed. Crowe was awakened by a sweet dream in the middle of the night. She sat up abruptly and saw Gbagbo guarding by the bed. Gbagbo leaned close to Crowe and whispered in a low voice, and the two could no longer restrain the kiss. Just when they were preparing for the next intimacy, the hospital called Gbagbo, who left Klow in regret and frustration and went to the hospital. Crowe was a little grateful but a little regretful about the sudden braking.

After Gbagbo returned from the hospital, Crowe discussed with him that she would sleep in the bathroom and Gbagbo would sleep in the room. After the two went to bed as agreed that night, Gbagbo knocked on the door to communicate with Cloe on the wall. Early the next morning, they were intimate at the dinner table, and Laurie looked jealous. After Crowe left the dinner table, Laurie received a call from Napa, and she promised to help drive away Gbagbo.

The crew continued filming in the hospital, this time it was CPR. Laurie pulled Woon over, and she said that this was the person who helped Crowe find to teach her CPR. Crowe was embarrassed to see Wun, she bit the bullet and accepted Wun’s teaching. Woon took the opportunity to hold Crowe’s hand in gestures. Laurie also offered to let Wun be the model of Cloo to perform CPR, and Wun happily agreed. Chunsa quietly called Gbagbo, and Gbagbo operated instead of Clo, and Woon grinned with anger.

At lunch, Gault and Gbagbo accompanied Clo. Chunsa eloquently said about Wu En, everyone burst into laughter. Crowe said worriedly, why did Woon show up? Is it not Laurie’s intention.

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