Love at First Hate Episode 14 Plot

Crowe has always felt grievances because of Laurie’s words. She carefully pondered whether Gbagbo married herself because of love. Crowe has been absent-minded because of entanglement in this issue, and she is always distracted when filming. Chunsa pulled Chloe aside, she let Chloe see her heart clearly, whether she loves Gbagbo or not.

Woon was frustrated, and Napa encouraged him not to give up. Napa said that if Uhn really likes Crowe, she will give Uhn the green light. She will definitely prevent Gbagbo and Cloe from being together. Immediately, Napa called Crowe and told her to accompany him to dinner on Saturday.

On Saturday, Woon came to Napa’s house early. Soon Crowe came over, and Gbagbo unexpectedly followed. Napa was very angry, but Gbagbo called Napa his mother disapprovingly. Napa frustratedly prevented Gbagbo from addressing her. She asked Crowe to accompany her to the birthday party of Woon’s mother for two days, and Crowe hesitated to make excuses. Gbagbo estimated that Crowe would go there, and he said he would go too. Unhappy said that they would not invite Gbagbo, but Gbagbo familiarly said that he is Crowe’s boyfriend and he must participate.

Woon went to the crew to look for Crowe, and Crowe was lukewarm to him. When Crowe went to the bathroom, Laurie took the initiative to strike up a conversation with Woon. She said that she didn’t like Gbagbo, and she could help Woon pursue Klow. After that, Laurie sent Crowe’s schedule to Woon, because she was filming with Crowe, and Crowe’s schedule was the same as her own.

Woon stopped Cloe and asked her to go out, and Cloe was surprised how he knew his schedule. Gbagbo and Gott arrive suddenly, and Gbagbo walks to Clo. Wu En looked at the back of Cloe leaving in frustration, and Gault sympathetically persuaded Wu En to give up pursuing Cloo. He said that Cloe was married soon. Woon was shocked.

It turned out that Gbagbo saw Napa’s attitude that he was afraid of long nights and dreams, so he decided to advance the wedding after obtaining the consent of Crowe’s father Fack. Gbagbo took Klow to the bridal shop. Klow was a little surprised, but in the end he tried the wedding dress with Gbagbo and took the marriage certificate like a little woman. Soon Crowe and Gbagbo held their wedding, and Napa unhappyly drove Gbagbo away after the wedding. Fack angrily rebuked Napa for being too much, Gbagbo turned his eyes to Klo for help, but Klo unexpectedly said that she agreed with Napa and that she could not live with Gbagbo. Gbagbo left disappointed.

Gbagbo, Fack and others left disappointed, and Cloe felt very sad. Crowe looked at the empty room and thought that she and Gbagbo were not married out of love, and Crowe was heartbroken.

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