Love at First Hate Episode 13 Plot

Crowe’s father kicked Crowe out of the ward, and he said he wanted to talk to Gbagbo in person. Crow walked out of the ward nervously. Crowe’s father asked Gbagbo angrily whether he should hurt Crowe, Gbagbo solemnly said that he was acting at first, but he liked Crowe during the few months of contact.

Crowe was worried about how his father would reprimand Gbagbo, and his father suddenly called Crowe into the ward. The father changed his anger and told Crowe that he decided to marry Crowe to Gbagbo. Crowe was shocked and she quickly explained that they were just acting. Gbagbo said that he wanted to marry Crowe, Crowe couldn’t believe it.

Crowe’s father told Napa that Crowe was about to get married, and Napa was furious. She said that she would never let her daughter marry Gbagbo. Crowe’s father angrily accused Napa of disregarding the happiness of his children for her sake, but Napa insisted on disagreeing. Crowe’s father showed Napa his cell phone. In the mobile news, Zhuzhu announced on behalf of Crowe and Gbagbo that they were going to get married. Crowe’s father smiled triumphantly and said that it was too late even if Napa objected.

Crowe couldn’t accept marriage for a while, she asked Gbagbo why he wanted to marry herself. Gbagbo said he was responsible for kissing Crowe. Crowe was very disappointed that Gbagbo got married for this reason. Gbagbo suddenly asked Crowe what she would think if she got married because she loved her. Crowe was stunned.

Laurie tried his best to persuade Da Wanjian trumpet to post a message on the Internet, saying that Gbagbo had made Crowe’s belly. Da Wan was surprised, he thought it was rumors and slander. Laurie intimately nestled in Dawan’s arms and continued to persuade Dawan, who was defeated by Laurie’s gentleness. Fake news was published.

The next day Gbagbo personally picked up Cloe to the crew, and Chunsa blessed Cloe. Laurie sarcastically told Crowe not to be too proud. She said that there were many bad reviews of Crowe on the Internet. Chunsa turned on the phone and saw a malicious rumor that Crowe was pregnant. Crowe angrily asked Laurie if she did it. Laurie did not deny, she mocked Crowe at marrying any man for the purpose. Crowe retorted Laurie, saying that no matter what she did, she couldn’t surpass herself.

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