Love at First Hate Episode 12 Plot

After Uhn left, Crowe told Napa in distress that she knew Napa’s intentions, and she was not interested in Uhn. Napa turned her face and asked if she was interested in Gbagbo, but Crowe was speechless.

Wu En excitedly told Gott in the hospital that Napa had invited him to eat. He said Gott might become his eldest brother. Gault was surprised. Gbagbo came over to hear him. He deliberately asked what they were talking about, and Woon walked away disgustingly.

Gbagbo went to Crowe’s house to ask her out to play. Crowe was unwilling at first, but Gbagbo was stalking, so Clo had to go out with Gbagbo. Gbagbo only told Klo when he arrived at the destination that there were many old people and children in the village they had come to. They didn’t pay attention to physical examinations. They often went to see the doctor only when they were seriously ill. He came to help the old people and children here to check them. Crowe did not expect that Gbagbo was here to do such a meaningful thing, and Crowe looked at him with admiration.

Because of Crowe’s arrival, the people in the village dragged the family to the hospital for medical examination. Gott happily told Klo that this way of inviting Klo to come was Gbagbo’s idea, and the villagers were very active when they heard that Klo was here. Cloe took a photo with the villagers in an approachable way. She secretly looked at Gbagbo at work. She found that Gbagbo was very kind and patient at work, which was completely different from his usual hippie smile and vicious tongue. Crowe has a new understanding of Gbagbo.

While Gbagbo was conducting a physical examination for the villagers, Cloe suddenly received a call from Zhuzhu. Crowe told Crowe anxiously that she was going to participate in an important event in the evening, and this event must be attended. Gbagbo didn’t want to leave because he hadn’t finished his work, but he didn’t worry that Crowe would go back alone. After thinking about it, Gbagbo personally drove Crowe back. When Crowe got home, Gbagbo drove back non-stop, and because of fatigue, Gbagbo yawned while driving. Just then Gbagbo was dazzled by the dazzling car lights on the opposite side.

Crowe contacted Gbagbo after finishing the event at night, but he couldn’t get through. Crow fell asleep nervously. The next day Crowe was awakened by the noise of the reporters. She didn’t know what had happened. The reporters told her that Gbagbo had been in a car accident and had been hospitalized, and Crowe was shocked, and she hurried away in despair.

Cloe came to the Gbagbo ward and was terrified to see him lying unconscious in the bed. Crowe lay on Gbagbo and wept bitterly. She blamed herself that she shouldn’t let Gbagbo send her back so as to hurt Gbagbo. Gbagbo opened his eyes secretly to see that Crowe was sorry for him and couldn’t help smiling smugly. He told Crowe that he had only a slight concussion. Crowe was angrily and eager to leave. Gbagbo hugged her with a hippy smile and said that unless Crowe kissed him, he would let Crowe go. Crowe couldn’t get away from looking at Gbagbo, and the two couldn’t help kissing each other.

When Crowe’s father came to visit Gbagbo, seeing them kissing, the fruit basket in his father’s hand was shocked. Crowe and Gbagbo separated quickly, and the two looked at Crowe’s father in amazement.

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