Love at First Hate Episode 11 Plot

Gbagbo held a press conference with Crowe, and Gbagbo clarified that Crowe was his destiny. Gbagbo said that as he hugged Cloo tightly, Cloo blushed. At this time, a reporter saw the ring on Crowe’s hand and asked, Crowe shyly said that it was a gift from Gbagbo. The reporters jokingly asked when they got engaged, Crowe became more shy, and Gbagbo helped her prevaricate.

Zhuzhu was very excited when she saw Cloo’s interview. She said excitedly that Cloo and Gbagbo became more and more real. Laurie on the side asked Zhuzhu vigilantly what he meant. Zhuzhu was busy covering up. She said that there were more and more announcements from Chloe, and she was too busy. Laurie left angrily. When Laurie walked to the door, he met Crowe back. Crowe saw Laurie grabbing Gbagbo. She provocatively said loudly that she really wanted to thank the man behind the scenes for giving her a boyfriend. Laurie heard this. Anxious.

Barbo drags Crowe to the mall together, and Crowe is afraid of being recognized by fans while wearing sunglasses. Gbagbo generously took off Crowe’s glasses, let her relax and take photos with herself, and let her take photos with fans generously.

Dawan looked at Laurie’s photos as a student, and he still couldn’t let go of Laurie after all. Dawan found her where Laurie was filming. Dawan apologized to Laurie. He plucked up the courage to express to Laurie that he liked Laurie. Laurie ignored her at first, and then she thought about holding up Dawan’s hand. Laurie said bit by bit that if Dawan listened to her, she would be very happy. Da Wan was ecstatic.

Napa watched the TV gossip news, Gbagbo and Crowe paired with anger and became angry. At this moment, Gbagbo sent Cloe home. Gbagbo took the initiative to greet Napa, and Napa hurried Gbagbo away in an angry manner. She said that there is no reporter Gbagbo and there is no need to act. Gbagbo said with a hippie smile that he wanted Napa to get used to getting along with his mother-in-law and son-in-law earlier. Gbagbo even talked about his child with Crowe in the future. Napa couldn’t listen anymore, she hurried Gbagbo away angrily and unceremoniously.

Napa complained to Laurie angrily about Gbagbo, she was worried that Gbagbo and Crowe were doing the fake. Laurie pretended to understand and sympathize with Napa. She deliberately sighed that she did not know a good boy, or she would introduce him to Crowe, so that Gbagbo would not take Crowe advantage. Laurie’s seemingly unintentional words made Napa Mousse abrupt.

Napa invites Wun to dinner at home, and she introduces Wun to Crowe. Woon told Napa about his relationship with Gott. He said that Gbagbo is not as good as his own efforts. He also said that Gbagbo was often complained by patients in the hospital, and the patients reported that Gbagbo often molested people. Crowe lowered her head displeased, but Napa was very helpful after hearing these words, and her impression of Gbagbo was even worse.

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