Love at First Hate Episode 10 Plot

Laurie reveals his true face in front of Dawan Gbagbo buys a wedding ring for Crowe

Crowe had dinner with Gbagbo and Mina. During the meal, Crowe saw that Gbagbo and Mina were intimate. After Mina left, Clo asked Gbagbo if he brought Mina over to tell himself that he has a girlfriend and is very close. Gbagbo said meaningfully that he and Mina are over, and he and Crowe are just beginning. Crowe didn’t quite understand, she just felt a little lost in her heart.

The next day, Cloe talked to Chunsa about Gbagbo taking Mina to see him. Chunsa was also very surprised. She analyzed that Gbagbo and Mina might not be a lover. Crowe didn’t know what to think, she only prayed not to be on the news. Chunsa took out his mobile phone and said that he wanted to take a closer look. As a result, the Internet was full of news that Mina and Gbagbo were college couples in the past, and there were even close photos of Gbagbo and Mina. Many netizens began to discuss the relationship between Crowe and Gbagbo, and Crowe was angry and worried after seeing it.

Dawan also saw the news on the Internet, and he recognized that he had sent Laurie the information. Dawan had a anger of being fooled, and he approached Laurie to question her. Laurie avoided Dawan’s gaze with a guilty conscience. She continued to pretend that she didn’t know how the information was leaked. She guessed that someone might have peeped at her bag. But this kind of excuse is too convincing, Laurie said that it’s better to expose it like this, and Crowe from the province was deceived.

Dawan said angrily that Laurie’s revelation would ruin Crowe’s career, and that Laurie did not do it for Crowe’s good. Dawan said sadly that although they are not sisters, they are family members after all. Laurie said in the truth that she felt that this news was too little, and she hoped that there would be a lot of news. Obviously he is so much more beautiful than Crowe, and Crowe is better than himself. Laurie warned Dawan not to talk about this, or he would lose his job.

Zhuzhu was also upset by the news of Klow, and she worriedly asked Gbagbo what to do. Gbagbo said firmly that he had to do it since he promised to help Crowe. Gbagbo asked Zhuzhu how to deal with such situations. Soon Gbagbo accompanied Crowe to the jewelry store, and Gbagbo wanted to choose a ring for Crowe. Crowe was surprised and guilty. After the two walked out of the jewelry store, Crowe promised to return the money for the ring to Gbagbo.

Gbagbo and Crowe returned to the studio. Crowe apologized and said that she would explain to Mimina clearly and return the ring money to Gbagbo. Gbagbo solemnly closed the door and said that he had more important things to do. Gbagbo took out the ring and took it out, and Cloe quickly reached out and said he would wear it. Gbagbo solemnly put the ring on Crowe’s hand, and he said with some regret that because someone was doing bad things behind his back, he had to advance some things. In addition, he had another important thing, he leaned close to Klo and kissed it affectionately.

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