Love at First Hate Episode 9 Plot

Gott called Crowe’s friend and assistant Chun Sa to talk, but Chun Sa fascinated him as a handsome doctor like Gbagbo. Gaote was a little lost. Chun Sa turned around and saw Gbagbo standing behind her, she was a little embarrassed. Chunsa met the red-faced Cloe at the corner. It turned out that when Gbagbo was helping Cloo check his body in the room just now, Cloo had a bump in his heart. Gbagbo teased Crowe, who blushed and rushed out of the room to hide in the corner.

Chunsa laughed at Cloe, and handed Cloo a paper bag. The paper bag contained the medicine that Gbagbo prepared for Chloe. He also wrote a note to Chloe instructing her to pay attention to things. Chloe read the words on the note with a sweet heart. Chunsa teased that Crowe and Gbagbo had a deep affection. Laurie crooked his face after hearing these words.

At the corner, Laurie said viciously to Crowe that she would not believe that Crowe and Gbagbo were dating. They had only met a few times after all. Crowe’s words could coax others but could not deceive her. Crowe tried his best to defend, Laurie sneered and said that the mistake of the room card was done by herself, and she knew the relationship between Crowe and Gbagbo best. Crowe hated Laurie for calculating herself, she deliberately irritated Laurie and said not to be outdone, she was very grateful for Laurie’s incident, which allowed herself to come together with handsome doctors like Gbagbo, and she also thanked her. Crowe smiled and walked away, Laurie furious.

Laurie accidentally saw Gbagbo talking, laughing and being intimate with his beautiful colleague Mina in the hospital, and she secretly took pictures. Laurie pretended to be worried that Crowe was deceived and showed Dawan the photo. She asked Dawan to help investigate the relationship between Gbagbo and the beautiful doctor Mina. Dawan agreed.

Zhuzhu told Klobabbo to call to inquire about Klo’s work arrangements. This seemingly unintentional remark made Klo’s heart unable to calm for a long time. Crowe guessed Gbagbo’s intention to call, Chunsa teased her why she didn’t take the initiative to contact Gbagbo and ask directly. Crowe pretended to be cold and indifferent.

Crowe was entangled whether to contact Gbagbo, when she suddenly heard the ringtone of her phone while she was taking a bath nervously. Cloe hurriedly rushed out of the bathroom and almost fell. She was surprised by her eager performance. Crowe adjusted his emotions and pretended to be indifferent, and answered Gbagbo’s call. Gbagbo yokeluo met for dinner at night. Crowe half-pushed and agreed.

In the evening, Crowe arrived at the appointment place early and saw Gbagbo coming over to Crowe to pretend not to care. At this moment Mina came over and she took Gbagbo’s arm affectionately. Gbagbo told Crowe that Mina was his angel, and Gbagbo leaned his head affectionately on Mina’s shoulder after speaking. Crowe saw these feelings very mixed.

Dawan told Laurie about the investigation about Gbagbo and Mina. Dawan said that according to his investigation, Gbagbo and Mina are college classmates, and they have always been recognized lovers. Only after the news of Crowe and Gbagbo, their relationship ceased. Laurie asked Dawan to pass on the information he found.

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