Love at First Hate Episode 8 Plot

Laurie pretended to be worried about Crowe and called Dawan. She said that Crowe would hold a press conference tomorrow, and she asked Dawan to help spread the news. Laurie put down the phone and smiled triumphantly. At this time, the reporters waited at the door of Ke Luo’s house and waited for Ke Luo to come out. As a result, they received the news of the development conference tomorrow, and they dispersed separately. Laurie smiled triumphantly at this scene.

Cloe secretly observed that the reporters at the door had dispersed and was a little surprised. At this time, Zhuzhu called her to talk about the development of the conference tomorrow. Crowe was shocked. She didn’t know who spread the rumors. She said anxiously that she hadn’t thought about it yet. What will the development team say tomorrow. Zhuzhu is also worried for Cloe, but the news has spread that Cloe must bite the bullet to deal with it anyway.

At the press conference the next day, Gbagbo personally came forward to clarify the relationship with Klo. He said that they had also received the blessing of Klo’s father, and Klo’s father also came to the scene to acquiesce in Gbagbo’s remarks. Crowe’s matter was resolved smoothly. When Crowe returned home, Napa furiously blamed Crowe for indiscriminately opening the conference without her consent. Gbagbo might become her son-in-law and let her face loss. Napa urged Crowe to hurry up and announce the breakup with Gbagbo. Crowe didn’t want any more changes.

Laurie didn’t expect that Crowe would solve the trouble again, she was furious. Zhuzhu tells Laurie that her contract for acting in the TV series has changed, and Crowe will be cast as the female number one, and Laurie will be the villain in the drama. Laurie was going crazy.

The TV series in which Crowe and Lowry starred is a drama reflecting the doctor. Crowe and Lowry were filmed in the medical school. Gbagbo happened to come to the medical school with Gott to study, and they saw that Klo was somewhat surprised and pleasantly surprised. Laurie leaned over to instigate and said that the couple did not know that their work and life arrangements were unreasonable and that the relationship between Crowe and Gbagbo was too abnormal. Crowe was at a loss for a while and didn’t know how to fight back. Gbagbo hugged Crowe and said that he had known it a long time ago and just wanted to surprise Crowe. Crowe snuggled into Gbagbo’s arms and smiled, and the two people’s affectionate manner once again dispelled Laurie and others’ suspicion.

Crowe chased him in the Gbagbo lounge and asked him why he just made up that kind of excuse. He said that Crowe complained that a patient was coughing behind her during filming during the day, and she didn’t know if the germs had sprayed on the clothes behind her. Gbagbo comforted Crowe not to worry, he then found a set of inspection equipment to help Crowe check his body. Cloe tensed nervously, and Gbagbo found it more interesting to see Cloe overwhelmed.

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