Love at First Hate Episode 7 Plot

Crowe was stunned and fascinated by Gbagbo, and finally Crowe’s sanity prevailed. She pushed Gbagbo away and hid in the bathroom. When Gbagbo’s snore sounded, Crowe tiptoed onto the bed. Gbagbo quietly looked at Crowe and smiled cautiously. When Crowe had breakfast in the morning, Gbagbo came to tease Crowe again, topless. Crowe resisted Gbagbo, and someone quietly recorded their every move as they pulled.

Dawan was surprised to receive the intimate video of Crowe and Gbagbo from his boss Jim. Jim said excitedly that once the video was released, it would cause quite a stir. Dawan showed the video to Laurie. Laurie was secretly delighted, but pretended to say that she had a deep relationship with Sister Crowe. She also deliberately said that Crowe and Gbagbo had been dating for a long time and had not dared to make it public. Dawan didn’t want to send the video to worry about causing a bad influence on Crowe, Laurie hurriedly pretended to care about Dawan to persuade him not to violate Jim’s arrangement.

Crowe’s mother Napa was furious when she saw the video, and she scolded Crowe that even if she had a boyfriend, she shouldn’t have someone like Gbagbo. Napa said that Gbagbo is a wolf doctor. She talked about her being insulted by the intern in public. She said that the doctor who scolded her was Gbagbo. It turned out that when the body was found in the wild, Gbagbo went to the scene to check the body to check if there was any clue. Napa insisted on pulling the body back for autopsy, because the press conference was about to start. Gbagbo scolded Napa for disregarding the truth of the case for the sake of face and performance, so Napa has always hated Gbagbo.

Gbagbo discussed with Gault about how to solve Crowe’s problem, and Gbagbo asked Gbagbo if he wanted to use Crowe to avenge Napa. Gbagbo quickly denied, saying that he had forgotten his grudge with Napa. Gott said sympathetically that he had forgotten that Napa must have remembered that she would not agree with Gbagbo and Crowe. Having said that, the two were at a loss. Gott thought of asking Crowe’s father for help.

Crowe’s father always wanted Crowe to be with Gbagbo, and he was willing to help Gbagbo persuade Napa. Gaut suggested that Gbagbo and Klo were dating with the consent of their elders, and that Gbagbo would break up with Klo after this matter. When Crowe’s father told Napa of this opinion, Napa immediately rejected it. She said that even if she pretended, she didn’t want to get involved with Gbagbo. Crowe’s father was angry, and he said that in this case, Crowe would quit the entertainment circle. Crowe did not want to leave his beloved cause.

Gbagbo couldn’t even get on the shift because of Crowe’s affairs. He and Crowe are discussing how to solve the problem. In the end, the only solution that can be resolved is for Gbagbo and Crowe to pretend to be dating, but the two are unwilling to get involved with each other, but there is no other way for this, unless Crowe quits the entertainment circle. Crowe didn’t want to leave at all, and she didn’t want to see Laurie replace herself.

Laurie proudly showed off to Crowe with the perfume spokesperson contract. She also told Crowe that the five-year contract for Crowe’s endorsement had also been cancelled. Now she is the spokesperson, and Crowe’s bad reputation as a prodigal cannot be changed. Laurie smiled and left with the contract triumphantly, and Crowe was frustrated.

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