Love at First Hate Episode 6 Plot

Crowe was stuck on the road. She wanted to ask for help with her phone, but the phone fell into a puddle. When she took it out, she couldn’t use it at all. Crowe was very helpless. At this time, it was getting dark and the rain was getting heavier. Crowe was afraid and cold. When Crowe had nothing to do, Gbagbo knocked on her car window suddenly, Crowe opened the door without hesitation and let Gbagbo get into the car. Crowe didn’t find Gbagbo disgusted for the first time. Because it was late, Gbagbo asked Kloe to lock the door, and he rode Kloe home on a motorcycle. When it started to rain again, Chloe snuggled behind Gbagbo and walked in the rain.

Gbagbo rode a motorcycle to a hotel called Paradise on Earth, and Crowe felt it was inappropriate for the two to open the house, but they had nowhere to go in the wilderness. Crowe had no choice but to put on sunglasses and a silk scarf to wrap himself tightly into the hotel. The hotel owner ambiguously opened a room for them, and Cloe immediately reminded the owner to open a room for him alone.

Gbagbo sent Crowe into the room and carefully checked whether the doors and windows of the room were safe. Cromer watched Gbagbo’s behavior silently and couldn’t help but smile. Gbagbo caught Crowe’s expression and couldn’t help joking, she pushed Gbagbo out of the room. Crowe changed into clean clothes after taking a shower, and when she was about to go to bed, she suddenly heard a loud noise outside the house. Crowe was so scared that he raised his throat. Just then Gbagbo knocked on the door suddenly.

Cloe opened the door and Gbagbo squeezed into the room. He embarrassedly said that he was afraid of ghosts in the wilderness. Gbagbo described the horrible atmosphere here, and he proposed that he wanted to sleep in a room with Crowe at night. Crowe was reluctant in every possible way, but was also frightened by the atmosphere of terror described by Gbagbo, Gbagbo stayed.

Gbagbo watched TV with Crowe, which happened to be played by Crowe. Crowe burst into tears, she was moved by the love between life and death of the hero and heroine on TV. Gbagbo laughed at TV acting as unreasonable at all. He said that the male protagonist is not yet masculine. Crowe scoffed at Gbagbo’s words. Gbagbo unconvincedly took off his coat to reveal a sturdy and well-proportioned body. Gbagbo approached Clo, who was so fascinated by the male hormones he exuded that he had no resistance. Gbagb pulled Cloo and pressed her hand His chest is hot.

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