Love at First Hate Episode 5 Plot

Crowe returned to her hometown to see her father, who also knew about her recent events, and his father rejoiced for her retreat. Cloe accompanies her father to dinner. His father asked about her relationship with Gbagbo, and Cloe quickly clarified. The father regretfully said that he took the workers to see Gbagbo for treatment. Dr. Gbagbo is a very good person. He really hopes that Crowe can try to contact Gbagbo and develop slowly. Crowe didn’t hesitate to interrupt her father. She said that it was impossible for her to talk to Gbagbo, and she didn’t even want to mention the name Gbagbo.

Laurie went to the bar alone to calm down his sorrows by drinking, a man took the initiative to talk to Laurie and compared her to Crowe. Laurie splashed the man with water in irritation. The man wanted to beat Laurie in anger. A man named Dawan helped Laurie. Dawan told her that she was a classmate of Laurie while drinking with Laurie, and Laurie was very surprised when she recognized Dawan. The two talked about their old days. When they broke up, Dawan told Laurie that he was now engaged in entertainment news and he could help hype and attract fans. Laurie’s eyes shined upon hearing this.

Crowe’s father asked Crowe to accompany him to attend the ceremony of the son of his friend Dacci. His father said that Gbagbo and Gault would also participate. Crowe immediately dismissed the idea of attending with her father. She said that she did not want to be seen on the same occasion as Gbagbo. Crowe’s father attended the ceremony alone. Gbagbo and Gault were disappointed that Crowe did not come.

Gbagbo rode to Klo’s house, he said that he helped people to get mangoes, some people bought mangoes from Klo’s father. Crowe had to go to the mango orchard to help Gbagbo pick mangoes. She was busy for a long time, but Gbagbo watched Crowe as he was busy watching jokes. After Closing picking the mangoes, he saw Gbagbo eating the mangoes leisurely before he knew that he was teasing himself. He was the one who bought the mangoes. Cloe became angry but couldn’t drive away Gbagbo, who was in her house. Cloe packed up and left in annoyance. Gbagbo couldn’t dissuade Crowe and had to watch her leave.

After Cloe left, Gbagbo looked at the sky worriedly. Sure enough, not long after Cloe left, the sky suddenly flashed and thunder began to rain. Gbagbo was pacing the room worriedly. At this time, Crowe’s picture frame on the table suddenly fell to the ground. Gbagbo was shocked. He felt that Crowe was in danger and Gbagbo rode into the rain on his motorcycle. At this time, Crowe’s car was blocked by a big tree that was severed.

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