Love at First Hate Episode 4 Plot

Gott helps Cloe clarify the misunderstanding, replaces Laurie and gets back the endorsement

Zhuzhu accompanied Cloo to accept an interview. The reporters asked Crowe about the relationship with Gbagbo, and Crowe explained that she had nothing to do with Gbagbo. The reporters said reluctantly that it didn’t matter how Crowe came out of the room with a man in his pajamas. Crowe was speechless when asked, and she hesitated to ask the person to explain. At this time, Gault came over to the reporter and explained that Gbagbo was his younger brother, and he asked Gbagbo to return the car key to Klo. Crowe nodded hard and admitted.

The reporters wentssipingly asked if Crowe would develop with Gbagbo. They all thought Gbagbo was handsome and a doctor. Crowe said that she and Gbagbo only knew each other, and that she would not find a doctor to be her boyfriend. The reporters’ live broadcast of interviewing Crowe was seen by Gbagbo. Gbagbo was very confused when he heard Crowe’s words.

Laurie also watched the live interview. At this time, the person in charge of the product called Laurie to inform Laurie. Crowe clarified the misunderstanding. Crowe still participated in the endorsement event at night, and the original endorsement of Laurie was cancelled. Laurie put down the phone in a very mixed mood, she thought about the night. It turned out that Laurie accidentally heard Gao Te and Gbagbo discuss room arrangements. She deliberately moved Gao Te and took the room card at the hotel reception to deliberately exchange it. After that, she saw Gbagbo entering Klow’s room, and she immediately notified the reporter of the news. What happened after that was in her design. But now that Crowe retreated all over her body, she was very disappointed.

Got accompanies Cloe home to visit Cloe’s father. He got off the car to buy coffee and got into Cloe’s car at nearby Gbagbo. Crowe was wary of not wanting others to see her with Gbagbo, she drove the car to a remote place. Gbagbo threw a T-shirt with Crowe’s photo to her and asked her to sign it. Crowe thought Gbagbo was her fan, and misunderstood that he wanted to lend herself to fame, and she couldn’t help laughing at him. Gbagbo sneered and said that this was what he wanted for the patient, so he would not be a fan of Crowe, and as a doctor he would not want to find a fan as busy as Crowe.

Crowe was a little frustrated by Gbagbo’s contempt and ridicule, but his way of helping the patient made her somewhat admired. She promised to sign the name so that Gault would pass it on to Gbagbo, so that she wouldn’t let people misunderstand her relationship with Gbagbo. Gbagbo sneered and left without comment.

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