Love at First Hate Episode 3 Plot

Crowe asked the Gbagbo reporter angrily if he had called him, but Gbagbo couldn’t argue. Crowe cried bitterly, and Gbagbo was at a loss as to what to do. Got came to see Klo at this time, and he saw that the reporter at Klo’s door also knew something was wrong. At this time, Crowe agent Zhuzhu and Laurie heard the movement coming over, and they were shocked when they heard about Crowe.

Gao Te and her agent discussed the countermeasures in Closing room. Laurie took the computer and told Clos that she was on the hot search. Crowe was furious, she didn’t believe that this was not the work of Gbagbo. Gbagbo can’t argue.

When Crowe participated in the endorsement event, the reporters at the conference looked at the hot news on the mobile phone and questioned Crowe and her tryst man on the spot. Crowe did not know how to answer in embarrassment, but the news on the Internet grew more fermented. The CEO of Cloe Company annoyed and informed Clo that the company she endorsed the product had already decided to cancel the endorsement with her. Crowe hides at home and dare not go out, she hates Gbagbo.

The nurses at Gbagbo Hospital also talked about Gbagbo’s news. Gbagbo strongly denied that the nurses did not want to believe that their male god would have a name. Gbagbo saw the slander and slander against Crowe all over the Internet. He sympathized with Crowe but didn’t know how to help her. Gbagbo was discussing this with Gott when he received a call from Cloe for help.

Laurie was interviewed by reporters. On the surface, she tried her best to clarify for Crowe, but her words further confirmed Crowe’s private meeting with her boyfriend. The reporters asked Laurie about the identity of the male lead in the incident. Laurie pretended to be innocent and revealed the identity of Gbagbo’s doctor. The reporters were excited by the new news.

The product endorsed by Crowe will hold a press conference in the evening, because Crowe’s negative news influence endorsement has been cancelled, the person in charge of the company personally talked with Laurie to let her be the new spokesperson. Laurie half-pushed and said that she was worried that Crowe would hate her.

Zhuzhu was a little surprised when she received the call to change the spokesperson. She told Crowe, who was making up for the evening event. Crowe was depressed, she didn’t know how to clarify her own affairs. Crowe felt embarrassed on all sides.

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