Love at First Hate Episode 2 Plot

Laurie came to Klow’s room and urged her to go to Gott’s dinner. Crowe was shocked by Laurie’s unusual enthusiasm, but Laurie said that her father was married to Crowe’s mother and they were a family, and Crowe’s cousin, Gott, was also his brother. Crowe was very uncomfortable with Laurie’s familiar passion. Laurie said meaningfully that she had heard that someone would live with her tonight, she was curious and looking forward to it. Crowe was confused.

Gautra waited for Klo with Gbagbo, and Gbagbo and Klo were surprised when they saw each other. Gott introduced them to know each other, but Crowe and Gbagbo looked like their enemies were extremely jealous when they met. The two stunned each other, and Gbagbo used Laurie’s sexy to mock and belittle Crowe, and Crowe was almost furious. Gault quickly comforted Clora and walked out of Gbagbo.

Gault told Gbagbo about the relationship between Crowe and Laurie, and Gault said that Gbagbo’s use of Laurie to stimulate Crowe would make her hate her for a lifetime. Gbagbo only knew that he had touched Crowe’s inverse scales, and he was a little upset. Sure enough, when Gbagbo returned to the table, Crowe had no good expressions on Gbagbo. At this time Woon came over to see Klo being excited, he invited Kloe to take a photo, and Kloe was very kind to the fan Woon. Gbagbo watched Crowe smile helplessly at the completely different attitudes between him and Woon.

Gbagbo accompanied Gott to wait for the late female doctor until midnight. Gbagbo returned to the room to rest. In order not to disturb the people in the room, Gbagbo went into the room and lay on the bed without turning on the light. The next morning, Crowe was awakened by a nightmare. She dreamed of Gbagbo teasing her. Crowe sat up for a long time but couldn’t react. Just then Gbagbo woke up and sat up from Crowe. The two looked at each other and screamed.

The female doctor met Gott in the hotel lobby, she asked Gott puzzledly. When he gave him the room card last night, he clearly said that he would live with Chloe, but why is she the only person in the room she lives in, Chloe Where did you go. Gao Te was shocked, he thought for a while and suddenly realized something yelled: That’s it. Got quickly went to look for Cloe.

At this time, Crowe kicked Gbagbo out of the bed. Gbagbo grinned in pain, and he was also confused and wondering how he would be on the same bed with Crowe. Cloe guarded her safety vigilantly and drove Gbagbo away. She urged Gbagbo not to tell anyone about their living together. Gbagbo snorted and said that he would not talk about it because he felt very embarrassed. Crowe was furious again when he heard this.

Gbagbo opened the door displeasedly. How could he get out? No one knew the door was crowded with reporters. When they saw the door opened, they took pictures frantically. Both Gbagbo and Crowe were dumbfounded. After a while, Gbagbo quickly closed the door, and the reporters kept beating the door outside. Gbagbo and Crowe looked at each other, neither of them had any idea.

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