Love at First Hate Episode 1 Plot

Young talented Doctor Gbagbo was invited by his colleague Gao Te to participate in the seminar, which was held in a high-end hotel in Thailand. Barbo rushed to the hotel with his suitcase, passing by the hotel pool, he saw two girls taking pictures by the pool from a distance. One of the two sisters is called Laurie and the other is Crowe. They are beautiful and hot. Gbagbo couldn’t help but take a second look.

At the pool photo booth, Laurie’s staff mocked that Crowe was not full enough. Crowe was very embarrassed. Laurie took the opportunity to take out a few large balls of toilet paper for Crowe to use to cushion his chest. Crowe was ashamed and angry.

When Gaut and Gbagbo were excitedly discussing after attending the seminar, a hotel attendant told Gaute annoyedly that a female doctor suddenly asked to also attend the seminar and was checking in tonight, but the hotel room was full. , The waiter suggested Gao Te to see if there are vacant beds in that room. Gott said with embarrassment that both of the female doctors participating in the meeting had already arranged a full room. He thought for a moment to let Gbagbo give up his room to the female doctor so that he could live with Woon. Gbagbo graciously agreed.

Wu En walked over at this moment and refused unhappily. Wu En is also a young talent, but no matter what he learned from his appearance, he is slightly inferior to Gbagbo, and Wu En is hostile to Gbagbo for no reason. Woon refused to live with Gbagbo on the excuse of inconvenience. Gault and Gbagbo looked at each other helplessly and laughed, Gbagbo offered to sleep on the bed in Gault’s room. Gott patted Gbagbo on the shoulder gratefully.

Gaut called his sister Klow to ask her for help. He hoped that the female doctor could live with Klow. Cloe readily agreed, and Gao Te was relieved. Because the female doctor might not arrive until midnight, in order not to affect Chloe’s rest, Chloe asked Gott to obtain another room card for the female doctor.

After taking the picture, Crowe accepted an interview with the TV station. His younger sister Laurie was just a model. She envied Crowe as a model and capable of filming. She looked at Crowe with jealousy and hatred. Crowe’s agent Zhuzhu encourages Laurie not to get discouraged.

Gbagbo was very tired because he drove all night, so he walked outside the hotel and wanted to rest after dinner. At this moment, Gbagbo received a call from a female colleague, and the female colleague asked Gbagbo to take some pictures of the beach and show her. Gbagbo agreed, and he wandered around the hotel to take pictures with his mobile phone. At this time, Crowe was sunbathing. She accidentally broke the straps of her sling clothes while hydrating, and Crowe was busy tidying up the clothes in an embarrassing manner. When she was embarrassed, she suddenly saw Gbagbo taking a picture, and Crowe rushed to Gbagbo to question him angrily.

Gbagbo can’t argue, he said he didn’t take pictures of Crowe, and he even thought that Crowe was deliberately looking for faults to strike up a conversation with himself, because he was sunny and handsome, and there are many girls to strike up conversations. And because Crowe is a star, she is often secretly photographed. She feels that Gbagbo is deliberately making excuses to prevaricate herself. With Crowe’s insistence, Gbagbo had to show Crowe the photos he had taken, and he saw Crowe tidying up his clothes. Gbagbo couldn’t argue, he repeatedly clarified that he had taken the photo accidentally, but Crowe did not believe it. At the end of Crowe’s insistence, Gbagbo deleted the photo.

Gbagbo was very curious about the domineering girl in front of him. He suddenly took off Crowe’s sunglasses. When he recognized the star Crowe, Gbagbo was extremely excited. Gbagbo offered to take a photo with Crowe, but Crowe rejected the scandal. Gbagbo returned to the hotel in frustration.

Gault gave Gbagbo the female doctor’s room card and his room card, and Gbagbo took the room card to go to rest. Gault tried his best to persuade Gbagbo to have dinner with him, when he would introduce his sister to Gbagbo. Gbagbo was very sleepy, and was uninterested in having dinner and seeing Gott’s sister.

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