Fights Break Sphere 斗破苍穹 Episode 20 Recap

At the beginning of the detoxification competition, Fan Ling’s poison was mixed with the blood of the soul palace. Fan Ling sprayed blood on the mysterious ruler again to activate the highly toxic. At this moment, Xiao Yan’s toxicity was difficult to control. Fortunately, Xiao Xuner sheltered him. Free from calamity. Xun Er and Fan Ling fought for dozens of rounds of battles, and Xiao Yan thought of the cloud-like snake’s magic crystal quickly and absorbed it. After a while, he was almost 100% innocent.

What ordered Ling Ling to be surprised was that there was a bone cold cold in the poison produced by Xiao Yan, which meant that there was still a residue in his body. Xiao Yan tried his best to ignite the cold spirit of Bone Spirit, and Fan Ling turned to ashes. At this point, the entrance of the cave had been looming, and even the nearby pillars began to collapse. Xiao Yan resisted the pillar in a stride, otherwise the entrance would be blocked. Xiao Xuner also came forward to help, and everyone escaped from the mountain map. Shenshantu was burning more and more fiercely, and it was about to turn to ashes. Xiao Yan finally escaped at the last moment, unconscious.

Xiao Yan saw his mother Gu Yuexin in a coma, but one turned around and disappeared without a trace, and finally met Master Yaochen while searching around. Yaochen told Xiao Yan that Fan Ling ’s poisonous blood could only be suppressed but not completely. Clearing, in a sense Xiao Yan has become the soul soul. Yaochen looked at the mysterious ruler stained with poisonous blood, and the high-level exercises above were looming. He hoped that Xiao Yan could keep his heart and not study the secret method of the soul hall above.

After entering the night, the old emperor died suddenly, and Ye Lan set up a funeral. Suddenly a gust of wind blew, and the coffin opened by himself. The crowd fell to the ground immediately, leaving Ye Lan alone to stay awake, and the body of the old emperor rose slowly and flew directly to Ye Lan. Obviously, this was another masterpiece owned by Fan Ye. Fan Ye rebuked the decline of the five major families, and also described the grandeur and domination of the conquering mainland, in exchange for the cooperation between Emperor Yelan and the Temple of Souls. Ye Lan was unmoved and flatly rejected Fan Ye. Fan Ye returned to the coffin with a sneer, and told Ye Lan that the price of rejecting himself would be an endless nightmare.

Elder Mimi Tengshan’s whereabouts are still unknown. Xiao Yan has no clue at this time. After observing the exercises on the Xuanzhong ruler, he finds that there is a trick that can surpass the distance of space and trace any living creature at any time. Xiao Yan took off the apprenticeship and decided to take the risk to practice this skill, so it was easy to find Elder Mi. Although the dismissal was taken off, Yao Chen could still hear the voice of Xiao Yan’s practice. His heart collapsed, and Xiao Yan, who had spent all his efforts to train himself, stepped into the abyss of the soul hall step by step. He hurled Xiao Yan into holding on to the ring space and beat him up.

Xiao Yan didn’t realize the danger of his situation. He thought he could control his mind. But as the soul hall is as deep as the sea, the temptations of those evil kung fu will only get deeper and deeper, and unknowingly neutralize the right path gradually. Xiao Xiaoyan’s remarks, Yao Chen, did not know how many people had heard it, but it was the same goal in the end. He asked Xiao Yan to throw away the Na ring, and the two would never meet again.

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