Love at First Hate

When a smart, handsome, and foul mouthed doctor ‘Paniti’ or Dr. Pup met a hot, sexy and thick superstar ‘Kluay’ who is not his type and also he is not her type. They hated each other at first sight, but when they have to live together, something strange happened; it looks like Dr. Pup is falling in love with Kluay. To save his face from what he said before that she is not his type, he is trying to act not to like her, but can he? What will the ending of this two be, haters or lovers?

Love at First Hate (2018)
Also known as: 你是我的毒玫瑰剧情介绍, มารร้ายคู่หมายรัก, Love Hate
Genre(s): Comedy, Romance, Drama, Medical
Country: Thailand
Episode(s): 13
Broadcast: GMM One
Release: Sep 14, 2018 – Dec 7, 2018
Starring: Son Yuke Songpaisan, Mook Worranit Thawornwong, Carissa Springett, Guy Sivakorn Lertchoochot, Seo Ji Yeon

Categories: Other Drama, TV Series

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