Discipline – 디시플린

Tae Woo is a high schooler who always causes a ruckus in his quiet neighborhood. He’s always with his best friend, Hoo, in both good or bad circumstances. One day, they meet up with their friends after visiting a tattoo shop and getting kicked out for being minors. Hanna is a wannabe model who’s popular on social media, EB never shares her feelings or thoughts to others, and Ji Han is a model student who’s homosexual. These five teenagers go to a basement party together. They expect the party to be fun and amusing, but it actually turns out to be quite dangerous.

Discipline – 디시플린
Also known as: 디시플린
Genre(s): Web Drama
Country: South Korea
Episode(s): 10
Broadcast: n/a
Release: 2018
Starring: Yoon Tae Woo, Kim Seung Hwa, Oh Dong Jun, Lee Won Joon

Categories: Korean Drama, TV Series

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