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Caught In The Heartbeat

Caught In The Heartbeat – 青春警事
Other name: Qing Chun Jing Shi, 青春警事, 超感, Chao Gan
Genre: Drama, Detective, Investigation
Episode: 40
Country: China
Broadcast: Jul 2, 2018 – Aug 1, 2018
Network: Tencent Video
Cast: Jiao Jun Yan, Wei Da Xun, David Chen


The story follows young and promising man Tang Yi Xiu who embarks on a journey to become a policeman and meets our heroine Shi Gu Jing, a woman who hailed from a family of officers but was in an accident overseas which puts her in a coma. She eventually wakes up without any recollection of the accident. She meets the hero, both joining the police force, fighting injustice while trying to uncover the secrets behind her accident.

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