Excellent Investor 金牌投资人 Episode 1 Recap

Fang Yubin, who invested in Shanghai Rongding, came to Hong Kong to talk to Hao about the acquisition of Juneng Company. Mr. Hao was arrested by the police because of some things. Fang Yubin paid bail for Hao. He hoped that Hao would consider the acquisition, but Hao had to be intimate. Let Fang Yubin give him a hundred dollars, Su Hao took a taxi and left, saying that if Fang Yubin caught up with him, he would consider whether to let Rongding invest in acquisition, Fang Yubin started riding after riding a bicycle.

Fang Yubin chased Su Hao through a small road with his excellent riding skills, but he always missed a taxi at the crossroads. Finally, he stopped Su Hao at the door of Su Hao’s house. Su Hao said that if Fang Yubin could retrieve the five For a hundred bucks, you might consider giving Fang Yubin a few minutes.
Fang Yubin called the taxi company and found the driver who had just taken Su Hao, hoping that the driver would return the money just for the fare. The taxi driver had just given the money to others, and asked Fang Yubin to find Peter Pan to solve it.

Su Jin has not been home for more than ten years. This time he heard that his father was ill and was hospitalized, so he went home to see. As soon as Su Jin entered the house, his mother slapped him. After seeing Su Jin clearly, the mother apologized and apologized and said that she had admitted the wrong person and thought it was a fox spirit. Su Jin was troubled by her stepmother everywhere. She endured it and said that she would often come back to see her father in the future. There was a panic in the stepmother’s heart.

Peter Pan took the five hundred dollars that Su Hao gave the taxi master. Peter Pan loved to play basketball, and his speed of action was extremely fast, so he was called Peter Pan. Peter Pan said that if Fang Yubin won on the court After him, he gave 500 yuan to Fang Yubin. Fang Yubin was superbly skillful and comparable to Peter Pan, but he eventually won Peter Pan and finally got back the marked 500 yuan.
Su Jin, a well-known investor, worked at Citibank and Blackstone Bank, and Su Hao are siblings, both sons and daughters of the chairman of Jiangzhou Group.

In the evening, Su Hao had a party at home, and all kinds of people gathered at home. Ona, who was competing with Rongding, was also among them. The people of Ona suggested that Su Hao should not cooperate with Rongding. Stay close and cooperate with mainland companies. Su Hao is planning to cooperate with the people of Ona. Fang Yubin rushed in with 500 yuan. Su Hao laughed that Fang Yubin was too serious. He had finished the business with Ona. Fang Yubin hesitated for a moment and said that Ona was Su Jin. When Su Hao was sent, Fang Yubin was given a chance to negotiate, regardless of whether he really drove Ona’s people away.

Su Jin’s father was seriously ill and was admitted to Jiangzhou Hospital. President Cai, who was about to go abroad, was called back by Su Jin. President Cai explained to Su Jin’s mother because Su Jin’s first hospitalization was three years ago. At that time, I had already started investing in Zhongzhou Hospital, and let the research department focus on the research of brain research. Su Jin’s mother did not want to be favored by Su Jin, so she was immediately transferred to the big hospital in Shanghai.

The most important thing in the investment industry is information. Fang Yubin hurried back to Shanghai to hold a meeting, let Lin Hai stay in Hong Kong, and explore the internal information of the company.
General Manager Yuan of Shanghai Branch of Rongding Investment participated in an investment interview. Fang Yubin called to report on the situation in Hong Kong. President Yuan told him not to forget his original intention and how he first entered the industry.

When Fang Yubin entered a small company, Fang Yubin’s investment was terminated by the company. Fang Yubin communicated with President Bai, but he was detained by President Bai. Fang Yubin ignored the image and explained to President Bai on the face of the head. This, President Bai sighed that they were all victims of this small company.

President Yuan looked at Fang Yubin’s silly look and almost couldn’t breathe when he smiled. His admiration for Yu Bin’s admiration was very high. Fang Yubin saw that Yuan had two mobile phones with full English letters on the screen, and the mobile phone almost stayed away. The phone call kept coming, so he concluded that he was the investor of Rongding. Yuan found that this small investor was not easy, so he decided to interview Fang Yubin in the hotel.

Fang Yubin graduated from an ordinary vocational technical school with low education and no background. People in the investment industry have very high academic requirements. This industry is an industry with the most masters and doctors except doctors. He is a graduate of 985 schools. Alumni relations are very important, family background is very important, and government relations are very important. These Fang Yubin have none. He is just a child of an ordinary family in Anhui, but he has the spirit of perseverance and can often use another perspective. Looking at people, Mr. Yuan also took a fancy to Fang Yubin’s spirit, which led him to invest in Rongding.

The plane took off immediately. Lin Hai called Fang Yubin and said that the top executives of Juneng were corrupted. The second-hands of Juneng, Shao Yong and Su Hao, had collapsed. Fang Yubin had not yet learned more. The flight attendant asked Fang Yubin to shut down immediately because The plane is about to take off.

After getting off the plane, Fang Yubin talked to Lin Hai to learn about the internal situation of the company, and hurriedly bought a ticket to return to Hong Kong. Fang Yubin almost hit Su Jin who was also catching the plane. The male bodyguard next to Su Jin was blocked in front of Fang Yubin. Fang Yubin was deeply impressed when Jin Cong spared behind the bodyguard and looked at Su Jin, who had a great performance.
Fang Yubin saw Su Jin again in the waiting room. Su Jin replaced the high heels with slippers, and the male bodyguard also provided shoes for her. Fang Yubin was amazed by Su Jin’s style and looked back from time to time.

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