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1995-2005 Summer Solstice Not Coming

1995-2005 Summer Solstice Not Coming
Other names: 1995-2005夏至未至
Author: GJM
Genre: Other Novel
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


What is the story of Cinnamomum camphora and Cinnamomum camphora? Someone whispered in a crevice between looking up and down. So everything becomes very subtle. The eyes have temperature and the palms have damp. In those summers when the sky is in full bloom, the sun has the most prosperous joint. She ran past him in a hurry, so the floating grass bloomed with lonely flowers; he waited quietly behind her, so the setting sun closed the heavy door; he and he became more and more silent in the four seasons, the past dusk And the morning that never came.

She and she walked more and more slowly in the summer, and the hands that had been stretched led to the hands that had not been stretched. Some melodies have never been sung, and some torches have never been lit. But the world has sound and light. So time became heavy and small, and the blizzard easily broke through the thin door.

That city has never been old, it stood in the memory and became the loneliness and loneliness that no one left in the dusk of the school. The camphor covers all the sky in the city end to end. There is a ten-year late confession in the shadow. Oops, I’m singing, can you hear me? Ahhhh, who is singing, I heard it. This is the summer of 1998. July 9. clear. There is no cloud. Not one.


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