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365 Days Chasing Wife: Wife, Follow Me Home

365 Days Chasing Wife: Wife, Follow Me Home
Other names: 365天追妻:老婆,跟我回家
Author: glass Xiao
Genre: Youth, Novel
Release: 2015
Status: Ongoing


She was forced to desperate situation, when desperate, he extended a helping hand to her. She only glanced at him faintly, “Can I trust you?” He stared into her empty eyes, “Marry me, I will protect you for life.” She originally thought he was just for the sake of her elder brother, and he agreed to treat each other like a guest after marriage. Who knew that the black-bellied boss broke the contract. She chose to escape. The best policy, but no matter where she goes, he is caught upright. Sheng Sanshao’s expression is cold, “Wife, it’s time to go home.”


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