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Someday, You Will Like Me

Someday, You Will Like Me
Other names: 总有一天,你会喜欢我
Author: embarrassed embarrassed demon
Genre: romance
Release: 2018
Status: Chapter 1893 Wedding [Grand Finale]


One day, you will like my latest chapters and provide no pop-up reading, published by book friends One day, you will like my comment, but it does not mean that you are in love with your reading network. One day, you will like the views of my readers.

She will live her life at the age of three, give her first kiss at the age of ten, and be the personal bodyguard of his chief executive at the age of twenty. In this way, the bamboo horse can be ridden by others. What is her martial arts career in these years? Look at her green plum squeezing a bamboo horse! Sadly, she was the one who was oppressed from beginning to end…
Five years later.
“Mummy! Why doesn’t the lovely white have a daddy?”
“How do I know! Ask your daddy!” Xia Yuxun stared at the couple of newcomers on the TV, and said without looking back.
Half an hour later, at the wedding banquet on TV, the milk doll hugged the groom’s thigh and shouted daddy.
The man stared at the pocket version of himself in front of him, “Where is your mommy?”
Xia Yuxun, who was watching TV at home, sprayed a sip of water on the screen, “Smelly boy, where are you fucking mother!”


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