Leopard Commando Chapter 1

Early autumn in the mountains was exceptionally cold. The sky has not yet been silhouetted, and there is a slight dawn in the mist of the eastern sky, and the dense rustling rain of autumn bugs is constantly heard among the wild grasses of the wild mountains.

As the dawn dawned gradually, the crescent moon had fallen to the forest tip, and the crisp sound of bird sounds gradually sounded in the mountains and forests.

Suddenly, two little black shadows hurled down from the meteor-like rapids on the cliff near the valley, a cat leopard full of yellow and black stripes, a cat-sized body, and a childlike little boy who was only fourteen or five years old. The boy rushed towards him, a small bow and arrow hanging on the little boy, and a small machete unique to the mountain in his waist.

“Okay”, with a loud yell, the flying leopard stopped suddenly, the boy behind leapt forward, turned over a large willow tree 3 to 4 meters high next to the leopard, and stood on a rock. The wicker wicker fluctuated with the wicker, and shouted “Grandpa” in his mouth.

A vicissitudes old man slowly stood up from the hillside, “Wan Lin, let grandpa see your arrow”, and said a piece of gravel in his hand was thrown into a bush 30 meters away, a piece of unknown The little bird startled from the bush.

A few bowstrings rang, and three birds fell to the ground.

“There is progress!” With the applause, the old man threw another rubble in his hand, and 7 or 8 birds followed. “Go pick up the birds, clean them up, pick them up, and we will go back to school.” “Well, you have to give me some pointers on my flying stones and birds. I can only hit two or three of them now,” the child shouted happily, plunging into the bushes like lightning.

The mist in the mountains faded with the sudden jump of sunlight. The grandfather and granddaughter followed the little leopard slowly towards the thatched cottage on the mountainside. Suddenly, Xiaohua Leopard issued a short growl. After the old man heard the sound of a thick pine tree, Wan Lin took a leap and jumped on a tree branch more than 2 meters high. The Leopard Leopard sat tightly under the old man’s feet.

“What do you see?” The old man whispered. “The woods on the left are violently shaking, as if large animals are fighting.” Wan Lin whispered, “Take a little flower over to see” the old man whispered . With the voice, Wan Lin took the small flower and flew straight from the tree to the mountain forest on the left like an arrow off the string.

As soon as they were close to the mountain forest, they heard two “pops” of gunfire, followed by a miserable sound.

After Wan Lin’s “嗖” swayed towards the tree, she took off the bow and arrow on her back. Then slowly touched the forest.

On the clearing in the forest, a big man in a green camouflage suit was holding a dagger in his left hand and a pistol in his right hand, leaning pale against a tree, lying next to his feet was a vicious wolf with blood on his neck, more than three meters in front of him. Far away there were two on their backs. Three big wolves, about one meter in length, stared fiercely at the big man around the tree.

Dahan leaned slightly against the tree, his hand holding the gun was shaking slightly. “Injured? Didn’t see a wound on him?” Wan Lin thought to himself.

Suddenly, the big wolf in front of the big man opened his mouth and slammed at the big man. Wan Lin had no time to think about it. He raised his hand and shot an arrow, and the flowers at his feet also flung out.

The shaft was deeply inserted into the wolf’s neck, and the wolf screamed and fell over. At this point, the leopard leopard leaped from four or five meters to the back of another wolf, his right paw clasped tightly to the side of his neck, his eyes burst into blue light and stared at the other.

The blue wolf stared at the wolf stepped back and forth, but did not dare to run, and looked at the little flower leopard crouching on his companion’s eyes in fear. The big wolf restrained by Leopard Leopard shivered and lay on the ground, staring at his companion with two eyes for help.

Wan Lin glanced at the big wolf under the little leopard, and it was estimated that she was a pregnant female wolf. He waved his hand at the little leopard, and the little leopard jumped from the she-wolf and roared up. The two big wolves whispered with relief, and turned into the dense forest.

Wan Lin turned his head and glanced at the big man, only to see him sitting crooked under the tree, his head slumped on his chest, and his pistol and dagger scattered on the grass.

Wan Lin hurried over to pick up the dagger and pistol and inserted it in his waist. Then he observed Dahan carefully and saw that there was no scar on his body. He was wondering. The little leopard on the side suddenly stretched out his right paw and swayed on Dahan’s left leg. Hurrying to reach out to grab Han’s trouser legs, it turned out that there was a triangular hole in the right calf bleeding out.

“Bitten by a snake. Xiaohua, save him” Wan Lin pointed at the wounded area, Xiaohua lowered her head and stuck out her tongue, licking hard at Dahan’s wounded area.

After a while, looking at Han Han’s frown, his eyes seemed to stretch out slightly, Wan Lin leaned down and easily carried the 160-70 kg Han to run outside the forest.

“Grandpa, a soldier, was bitten by a snake. It’s pretty good, bitten by a snake and killed three wolves,” Wan Lin hurried to the house and shouted at Grandpa. The old man standing in front of the house took the big man and put him in the house. Then I took a closer look, and saw that the big man lying on the cymbal was a colonel in camouflage clothes, with two Samsung colonels hanging on his shoulders, with a painful expression on his face.

“Bited by a white flower snake” Grandpa looked at his wound, took out a small knife across his waist and made a small cross on Dahan’s wound, carefully squeezed out the poisonous blood, and then took out a small green bamboo tube from the hoe small bamboo basket , Pour the white powder in the tube on the wound of the soldier. “It’s okay, Xiaohua already licked him,” Wan Lin said beside him.

After the medicine was taken, the grandson and grandson quietly looked at the soldier lying on the cymbal, and saw that he had a Chinese character face, thick eyebrows raised upward, and his face showed a resolute look. “Give him some water” Grandpa frowned and instructed Wan Lin.

As soon as the voice fell, the soldiers on the bell suddenly made a low *. “He awoke,” Wan Lin called. The soldier opened his eyes and turned up to sit up. “Don’t move, you’ve been bitten by a snake.” Wan Lin quickly hugged the soldier.

The soldiers looked at their grandparents and then looked at the surrounding environment. I saw that the furnishings inside the house were very rude and there were only some ordinary daily necessities. The only noticeable thing was a large antique bookshelf standing against the wall, which was full of rows of books.

“Where did you come from, and why did you come into this deep mountain and wild forest?” Grandpa asked darkly, glanced at Wan Lin’s pistol and dagger aside, and whispered. “I’m looking for Mr. Wan Honglao, I’m a comrade in arms of Wan Ming,” the soldier answered weakly.

Hearing the soldier’s answer, the old man’s body shook, his narrowed eyes suddenly emitted a ray of light, he looked at the soldier silently, stared at the soldier tightly for a while, and then slowly said, “Let’s rest for a while. After that, he turned and walked out of the thatched house.

Feeling dull in the air, Wan Lin got up and poured a bowl of water and placed it next to the soldier. “Uncle drink some water.” He turned and went outside.

Grandpa was holding a long dry tobacco bag in his hand, sitting on a small bamboo stool in the courtyard, sipping dry tobacco one by one, and shaking his hand slightly.

“Cough” Two slight coughs came from the door. “Well, why are you up?” Wan Lin hurried over to help the soldiers. The soldier touched Wan Lin’s head with a hand. “Are you Wan Lin?” “How do you know my name?” Wan Lin wondered.

“I’m your comrade in arms, my name is Li Dongsheng,” the soldier said. Then he looked at the old man. “You are Mr. Wan Honglao, right?” After speaking, he did not wait for the old man to answer. He gave the old man a standard military salute together with his heels.

Seeing the soldier saluting, the old man slowly stood up, stared directly at Li Dongsheng, and slowly asked, “He is gone?”

When hearing the old man’s question, Li Dongsheng burst into tears and choked, “Reporting to the old man, entrusted by Wan Ming, Li Dongsheng came to visit you and Wan Lin.”

Hearing Li Dongsheng’s words, the old man shook his body slightly, his refined eyes gradually dimmed, and he slowly sat on the bamboo stool. Wan Lin watched Li Dongsheng blankly.

Wan Lin didn’t have any impression of his father and mother. Ever since he was sensible, only Grandpa has lived with him. I just remember that Grandpa knocked him up with a thin bamboo every day, and let him practice standing piles, luck, and some unknown actions; after finishing the exercises, he also learned to read and endorse with Grandpa; In the evening, Grandpa forced him to lie in a large tub with a pungent smell and take a bath.

Year after year, day after day, in addition to practicing and reading, Xiao Wanlin spends the rest of his day hunting with his little leopard in the mountains. In order to keep up with the speed of the little flower leopard, Wan Lin used his family’s light work method to practice as fast as the little flower leopard. Now even grandpa can’t keep up with his speed.

When he was hunting, his grandfather instructed him to use hand-to-hand combat with large animals such as leopards, big black bears, and wild boars. Now fifteen years old, he has been able to unarm a large wild boar uniform with more than 100 kilograms and fangs, and directly confront the big leopard unarmed without any damage.

But in these ten years, Grandpa never mentioned his father and mother. Whenever Grandpa takes him out of the mountain to use the goods and skins of the town to change the necessities of life, when he sees that there are fathers and mothers around his children of the same age, he always entangles his grandfather and asks his parents. Fierce rebuke.

“Sit down” Grandpa pointed to the small bamboo stool in the yard and slowly treated the soldiers.

“This is a letter and relic that Wan Ming asked me to give to you”, the soldier took out a letter and a small cloth bag soaked in blood from the small bag carried in his waist.

The old man slowly opened the letter: “Father: If this letter arrives in your hands, it means that the filial piety is gone. Please forgive the filial piety of your son anyway.”

“Since the family changed dramatically 13 years ago, after the son killed all the beasts, he and his children directly eliminated the soldiers of the beasts and left without saying goodbye. Because I know that the ancestors in the family ca n’t go out of the mountain to join the army for life, they ca n’t use martial arts to pass on the family It hurts. But I have a world-famous effort, but I ca n’t even protect my wife. Am I a man of the highest standing? I vowed at the time: I must kill the assholes who hurt Lin ’s mother! Come home to see you old. “

“Li Dongsheng is a brother who was born and died with me. We are both comrades in the special military battalion of the K military region. He is the captain. I have entrusted you and Liner to him.”

“In addition, Lin Er is not too young. Now the times have changed. We have a world of martial arts. We should go out to do something for the country. I hope you can let Li Dongsheng take Lin Er away and let him use us. Ten thousand kung fu serve the country. “

The child is perfect. “

After reading the letter, the old man shivered and opened the small cloth bag with blood. Inside was a stack of thick certificates of merit, one time for special merit, two times for first merit, and a thick two or three merit for merit. Passbook.

Colonel Li looked at the old man with tearful eyes and said, “Wan Ming didn’t embarrass you. He was the deputy captain of our special brigade lieutenant colonel. He was sacrificed gloriously to rescue his comrades-in-arms during the recent battle with the gangsters. These It is the honor that he has obtained with blood and life, which is the highest reward given to him by the country. He used your martial arts to train an indestructible special force for the motherland. I salute you on behalf of all the officers and men of the Special Operations Group After speaking, he suddenly stood up and saluted the old man with a standard military salute.

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