Untouchable Lovers 凤囚凰 Episode 54 End Recap

Chu Yu sent Rong Zhi back to Pengcheng. Rong Zhi hoped that Chu Yu could be reconciled with him. Chu Yu refused. At this time, the queen mother decided to let Rong Zhi return to the class immediately. Shen Yu knew that Tuoba Hong was worried about Rong Zhi’s merits. To stop Rong Zhi from attacking health, Shen Yu suggested that Rong Zhi do n’t need to pay attention to it. When he really won the Great Song, Tuoba Hong had nothing to say, but Rong Zhi decided to retreat and asked Chu Yu to join him with Shen Fei, the regent princess. go back.

On his way back, Rong Zhi was stopped by Tuoba Hong’s people. Tuoba Hong said he would invite Rong Zhi in the northern suburbs, and the queen mother was there. Rong Zhi diverted to the northern suburbs. The queen queen asked Rong Zhi to toast Tuoba Hong, hoping that the two would release their suspicions, and Tuoba Hong’s wine glass drank, but Rong Zhi claimed that he was unwell and unsuitable for drinking. Tuoba Hong didn’t mind and immediately sent Rong Zhi warm water .

Tuobahong suddenly spit blood, and shouted that Rongzhi had just poisoned the wine glass. At this moment, the soldiers outside the door swarmed in and threatened to kill Rong Zhi, the rebellious minister. Rong Zhi realized that his sister and Taku Together, Ba Hong set up a banquet for himself, and Rong Zhi lost his desire for power long ago. Seeing this situation, he surrendered his military power to the tiger and promised not to participate in any political affairs in the future.

The queen queen did not rest assured to leave, so the guards held Chu Yu, threatened to stop, Qin Gu took out the heart-biting poison pill, and allowed Rong Zhi to leave. After Rong Zhi took the poison, the emperor repented and let the guards swarm up to kill Rong Zhi and Chu Yu. At this time, Shen Yu rushed out with a group of dark guards. Shen Yu said that if Rong Zhi died here today, then they The guards will assassinate the Dawei royalty forever. Neither the Queen Mother nor the Emperor knew when Rong Zhi trained such a guard, but Rong Zhi left.

After Rong Zhi took Chu Yu to a safe place, he suddenly told Chu Yu that he never wanted to see her again, because Chu Yu kept dragging him down and let him lose everything. Chu Yu turned sadly and left, and the heart-sucking poison After the attack, he vomited blood and fell to the ground. Chu Yu then realized that the original tolerance was not to let her know her injury, so she deliberately rushed her away.

Ran Zhi confessed to Chu Yu that once Rong Zhi wanted the country and mountains, but there was no emperor’s luck in his life. Some people suggested that he should use Chu Yu’s blood to stop and change his life style to become the supreme supreme supreme. After meeting Chu Yu, she never wanted Jiangshan again. In order to save Chu Yu, she did not even want her life. Chu Yu kept crying for tolerance, but Rong Zhi never woke up. The sudden poisoning of Tuo Tuohong that day was not tolerant to poison, but to make killing Rongzhi justifiable, he poisoned himself, and then gave trouble to Rongzhi, all of which was discussed by Tuobahong and Empress Feng.

Xi Hongxiong gave Tuoba Hongsheng the next prince. Queen Mother Feng Tuoxiu named Tuobahong and ordered the execution of Red Sleeve immediately. Dawei always has a tradition of dying his son and mother. If he wants to make this prince a prince, he must kill Red Sleeve. Tuoba Hong feels that it is too early to set up his prince. At this time, the queen mother suddenly changed into a person. On the emperor’s dragon chair, it was said not to make Tuoba Hong the prince, but to abolish Tuoba Hong and make Tuoba Hong the emperor. Tong Tuobahong was very shocked by the words of the queen mother. The queen mother named the name of her biological son, Tuobahong. Tuobahong realized that she was just a substitute for Tuobahong.

At that time, Tuobahong was very much loved by his emperor and was made a prince. But that night, Tuobahong died suddenly. This is likely to be the death of his mother-in-law in order to save his life and keep his wealth. Later, Queen Mother Feng helped Tuoba Hong to take the throne, and has always appeared as a kind mother. Tuoba Hong grew up and was not under the control of Queen Mother Feng. Now Queen Mother Feng intends to support Tuoba Hong to the throne, in fact Tuoba Honghe Tuobahong is a substitute for Tuobahong, and is the stepping stone for Empress Dowager Feng to the peak of power.

After seeing the Empress Feng’s life clearly, Tuobahong recalled what happened in the palace recently. With Empress Feng’s heart, it was never possible to stay alive as a slave. It is likely that she wanted to push the boat down the river and temporarily hide her edge, etc. Tuoba Xuan was killed, Huo Xuan left, and after the killing was tolerated, the emperor had no cronies around him, and Queen Mother Feng came forward and abolished Tuoba Hong’s throne. Queen Mother Feng was placed under house arrest in the palace, called the Emperor. Tuoba Hong called the guard to come to escort. After the guard came, he pointed his sword at Tuoba Hong. Tuoba Hong was gone. At this moment, he wanted to cry for help, but found that Rong Zhi had been killed by him, and Tuoba Hong could only leave it to Empress Feng.

Twenty-six years later, Tuoba went violently. Queen Mother Feng took the young Tuoba Hong to the throne and began the era of her rule of Dawei.

After Rong Zhi died, Chu Yu was so disheartened that he wandered outside for a long time and returned to the Song Dynasty Princess’s Mansion. Looking at all the grass, trees, chess, paintings and calligraphy, Chu Yu remembered and happy with Rong Zhi. There was the sound of playing the piano in the garden. Chu Yu ran out and found that it was tolerant. Rong Zhi made a deal with his queen mother at first. He helped the queen mother to develop the forces cultivated by Tuoba Hong in private. The queen mother halved the drug of heart-drug poisoning. Therefore, heart-drug poisoning didn’t kill her, but blinded her eyes His legs became crippled. Although the tolerance in front of him could not be moved, Chu Yu was still happy to let it go.

Twenty years later, Rong Zhi’s eyes and legs recovered. Rong Zhi and Chu Yu lived in seclusion on the mountain, living a life of indisputable and indifferent fame and fortune, becoming a pair of immortal relatives.


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