Knowing Bros – 아는 형님

The cast takes questions sent in from viewers and tries to answer them best to their abilities, through dialogue or through experimentation.

Knowing Bros – 아는 형님
Also known as:  Knowing Brothers, Men on a Mission
Genre(s): TVShow, Korea TVShow 2019, Comedy , Talk Show , Real Variety
Author: Hwang Sun-young, Jung Yoon-hee, Choi Mi-yeon, Yoo Ji-hee, Lee Ji-young, Jeon Min-hee, Jeon Summer, Lee Ji-hyun , Yoo Bo- kyung
Country: Korea
Status: Ep258 ongoing
Release: December 5, 2015 ~ present
Starring: Suah Kim, Kim Noeun, Seonghan Ahn, Hongju Kang, Kieun Shin, Sujin Kim, Younghyun Kang, Jahyung Chae, Hojin Ha, Hyein

An entertainment program aired on JTBC from December 2015. The concept is ‘the cast members full of the foundation. The root of entertainment not to ‘, JTBC sign one of the arts and Kang Ho Dong is also the first comprehensive channels of jinchuljak.

At the beginning, he advocated an unstoppable and unfounded entertainment that changes the topic every week without a big theme or guest, but when there was no big reaction, the concept was changed and now ‘Brother School ‘ is the main concept. The fixed cast combines various elements such as quizzes, talks, games, contests, and confrontations, playing with no fundamental ad lib and gag against transfer students (guests). It is advocating a comprehensive performing arts without fundamentals .

Since the concept of my brother’s school, guests have been recruited every time. In terms of guest, the biggest characteristic of A-Hyung compared to other programs is that everyone wears half-words regardless of age, as they are friends in the same classroom. Currently, the fixed cast members are Ho-dong Kang , Sang-min Lee , Jang-hoon Seo , Young-cheol Kim , Su-geun Lee , Hee-cheol Kim , and Gyeong-hoon Min .

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