Radio Star – 라디오 스타

Broadcasting from May 30, 2007, MBC Section Golden Fishery alone corner put together the first four years after the broadcast knee Tosa Park starting with sub-parasitic corner was under the shade was organized in 2011 alone corner. Currently , Kookjin Kim , Youngmi Ahn , and Gura Kim are in progress. It airs every Wednesday night at 10:40. 5 minutes broadcast while being treated as a bastard at the fence called Golden Fishing Ground. MBC’s longest-running entertainment program in existence for more than 12 years after overcoming humiliation and cold rice.

In particular, since the late 2000s, the entertainment program trend is not centered on talk shows that depend on guests, but a few fixed entertainment artists lead the program.[5] Since there are many programs, it is also evaluated as’the few entertainment programs that guests can stand out.’ However, this phenomenon weakened compared to the early and mid-season broadcasts as the use of full-length entertainment programs increased.

The main repertoire is to break the powder into powder regardless of whether it is an enemy or a friend, whether MC or guest, after bringing in guests, and mentions and gags (sometimes instant compotes and situational dramas that scratch the viewers’ itchy areas by scrambling the content that opponents avoid in existing pros). ) Is the main point. In particular, the unique CG is childish, but the subtitle of Infinite Challenge is sometimes more laughable than the MC’s mention.

SkullA transient existence. It’s a talk show that invites guests and talks, but it’s not a talk show that listens to guests. Rather, for this reason, unlike other talk shows, where the fun of the day fluctuates greatly depending on the guest’s activity, regardless of the guest, the MCs constantly extract a certain amount of fun through breathing. Rather, the appearance of top stars or female idols, which is the main factor in the rise in the ratings of talk shows, is often poisonous. So, there are many reactions that it is more fun when the appearances of singers who know their faces but don’t know their names, or singers who are familiar with the song and who have awkward faces.

However, this is an old story, and it has been a long time since it has already become a common talk show through prior questions with guests. With the presence of Kim Gura, who was the soul of a radio star, the old Ras image is still being taken, and MCs’ broadcast progress has become docile, so it is difficult to expect the unique fun of the old days. However, the only talk show program in the current entertainment version, where talk shows were almost wiped out and observational arts were the main. Video star

Radio Star – 라디오 스타
Also known as: 라디오 스타, Golden Fishing Ground
Genre(s): TVShow
Director: Choi Haeng-ho[2
Country: Korea
Status: Ep695 ongoing
Release: May 30, 2007

Categories: Variety Show

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