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The Concubine Wan Shizi

The Concubine Wan Shizi
Other names: 纨绔世子妃
Author: 西子情
Genre: Novel, Urban Novels
Release: 2016
Status: Ongoing


She is the only prostitute Yun Qianyue in the Yunwang Mansion of the Heavenly Sage Dynasty. She is also a dandy girl in the population. She is arrogant and notorious. She will appreciate poetry and be jealous for her beloved man. Once she died for the country, her soul fell into another world, and was reborn in the body of Yun Qianyue, the only daughter of the Heavenly Sage Dynasty’s Yun Dynasty Mansion.

The dandy girl confronted the young general, and her arrival changed the seemingly peaceful Heavenly Sage Dynasty.
Say I’m arrogant?
Say me dude?
To say that I am the head of the concubine of the Yun Dynasty Palace, under the guise of the pre-appointed princess, occupying the status of the most noble woman in the entire dynasty, is actually the first waste of the Heavenly Sage Dynasty?by!
Do you have to force me to tell you that all of this is actually pretending?

…The Buddha said: It’s not easy to pretend! When the dude girl is reborn, is it to continue dude to the end, or to show her gentle talent for the sake of rectification?
In the previous life, he strictly adhered to rigor and worked hard day by day. In this life, it is rare that God has given him such an identity, how can he live a comfortable life.
No matter how you want to be comfortable, there are always some people who don’t give you a chance.
The grandmother that aunt blazed a path of ease by herself.

Amazing talent, brilliant, unparalleled wisdom, let’s see how a pair of slender hands provoked the prosperity of the decadent dynasty and compose a splendid chapter under the prosperity of the world.
This article is one-on-one, one pair for life.

[Wonderful little theater not to be missed] The moon is black and wind is high at night. There are two people sitting on the city wall. Just listen to the woman’s low voice and angrily said: “I’m still a virgin!”
“I said you are pregnant if you are pregnant.” The man ignored the woman’s low growl, his voice was gentle.
“Whose child is it?” The woman gritted her teeth.
“Mine.” The man said without hesitation.
“Why isn’t your name shameless?” The woman sneered.
“If you like it, our children in the future will be called by this name.” The man seemed to consider it seriously.

The woman was anxious and speechless. He only listened to the man thinking for a moment, and slowly said again: “Tomorrow I will go to the Prince Yun’s Mansion to hire, Lord Yun will definitely be very happy to hug his grandson as soon as possible.” After a pause, he said to the woman: “Since you are pregnant now Now, we must guard against arrogance and impetuosity, don’t run around, be quiet for some time! Good to our children.” The woman could not bear to roar, “I said I am still a virgin?”

The man was silent for a while, and said for a long time: “Oh, I forgot.” The woman hugged her head and walked away. She hoped she never knew this black-hearted man.


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