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Gosei Xiaoyao

Gosei Xiaoyao
Other names: 御赐小仵作(上、下)
Author: 清闲丫头
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: 2014
Status: 1006 pages


“Improved by Xiaoyao (Upper and Lower)” tells that as the leader in charge of the nation’s *highest prison institutions, Xiao Jinyu is a little troubled. He couldn’t find an assistant with a simple background and outstanding innocence. Until one day, when he was injured, he met her who came for the exam in the Criminal Ministry… Chu Chu: “You are the living corpse, right?” A crisp voice and a sweet smile. Xiao Jinyu: “(¬ω¬)…” He admitted that his image was a bit bad when he first met, but girl, which eye did you see the “living corpse”! Xiao Jinyu was very angry and helpless for the girl who suddenly broke into his sight and disturbed his life.

I want him to be a dignified prince and in charge of criminal lawsuits across the country, but his good nephew, the emperor of the court, gave him a reward to a girl who served as a master! This reward solves his two old problems-both Haosuo and Niangzi! When a tense, complicated and suspenseful case emerges, it is wonderful to have a lady who can help with the case and take care of her daily life! Xiao Jinyu was satisfied and thanked the emperor for his good nephew. But-“Lady, wait, I’m a living person, and the one you want to test is over there…” The author of “The Godsend Xiaoyao (Up and Down)” is a Qingxian girl.


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