The King’s Case Note – 임금님의 사건수첩

King Yejong (Lee Sun-Kyun) is smart. Even though he is a king, he tries to expose cases by himself. He has Yi-Seo (Ahn Jae-Hong) who is in charge of of historical records. King Yejong gives him a hard time due to Yi-Seo doing stupid things. A strange rumor spreads in Hanyang. King Yejong senses that there is something to the rumor. King Yejong and Yi-Seo try to uncover the truth of the strange rumor.

The King’s Case Note – 임금님의 사건수첩
Also known as: The King’s Case Diary, 왕의 케이스 일기, im-geum-nim-eui sa-geon-soo-cheob, The King’s Case Files,
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Comedy, Detective, Investigation, Wuxia
Country: Korea
Status: Completed
Release: April 26, 2017
Starring:  Lee Sun-Kyun, Ahn Jae-Hong, Kim Hee-Won, Joo Jin-Mo, Kyung Soo-Jin, Jung Hae-In

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